Monday, March 17, 2014

"We put our differences aside..."

February 24, 2014

I'll get to my subject line in a minute...
So this past week has been SUPER frustrating. When I got here, I saw that the apartment was a MESS, just ridiculous amounts of trash, clutter, and neglect for care of the apartment itself.
So we got to work! We started cleaning out all the junk in the closets, organizing supplies, cleaning out the area book and organizing it, making our maps coherent so we could find our members and Investigators. With all this crap we had to do, it's taken us all week of working a good 2 or 3 hours a day to get it just about finished. There's still a bunch of work to do, but this week we should be able to get it done.
We saw a Recent Convert the other day, Larry, he's been struggling a lot lately with physical problems and spiritual problems as well. So we went over to try and see how we could help him. He kept telling us that he had been given SUCH great blessings before, and everything has been taken away from him. He went on to tell us of all these things being taken away, and I was impressed to give him the story of Job. Larry completely blew it off, saying that he didn't have the faith that Job had, and we explained that he didn't need to have the faith he had, he just needed to trust in the Lord. Something like that, anyways, we kept trying to help him see that he could get through these problems, and he kept blowing us off, making excuses. So that was really frustrating, he wouldn't allow the spirit to teach him at all.
Anyways, to finish out this e-mail...
The Mission has a standard for certain Key Indicators, which are the BARE MINIMUM for missionaries to achieve. Basically if you don't hit them, you're a bad missionary :)
So..... Elder Blaylock and I were having some HUGE problems working together, just a really rough time. He was being a jerk trying to take complete control over every aspect of the work, and I was trying so hard to be an equal player in it, but it didn't work. Finally I just said, "Elder Blaylock, let's just put our differences aside, get out there, and work!" He didn't really like that...
KIDDING! Ha :) We were just so strapped for time trying to get the area in order that we didn't have too much time to work. BUT, just yesterday we were able to get 3 member presents and a new investigator to juuuust barely get us over standard :)
YAY! We aren't bad missionaries!!!!
So that's the story of the week, gotta love missionary work!
Love you all! Talk to you soon!
Elder DeFreese
P.S. Miss my challenges? Don't worry, I'll think of a new challenge next week. Hopefully I'll hear more stories about you all doing missionary work when I come next week with something easier.
Good 'ol Elder Blaylock

I'm a human burrito!

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