Monday, December 22, 2014


December 22, 2014

Super quick e-mail. We have a TON of stuff to do to get ready fro Christmas and everything. But I'll give you one solid highlight!

So, on.... Friday at about 7ish, we were out knocking some doors. We were just about to go to a different area because we weren't having any luck in this particular trailer park. Then I looked down and saw a penny, heads UP! So, jokingly, I was like, "Dude, we have to stay here, there's good luck to be had!" So we decided to knock a few more, on the last one... it happened.

The door opened to a whirlwind of 3 young girls playing games and stuff, the mom on the couch clearly exhausted, and the dad running around trying to get dinner made. Well, the mom (Ashley) invited us in, and we started talking about the church! It went great, turns out they've been looking for a church, and they know that God loves them and wants something more for them, but they weren't sure what.

Enter. Missionaries.

Quick side note, I had previously opened up my Christmas package for want of food, and found it. I also found 2 copies of the Book of Mormon that my parents had written their testimonies inside, and a note that said, "Hand these out before you come home" Challenge accepted. (OK. Back to the story) So I reached into my backpack for a normal one, and then the Spirit told me, "No way, get the one with your Mom's testimony inside" So I did. After a brief explanation of everything, I handed them the Book. The Spirit was so strong, they know that they need to read it, and the testimony inside it created a deeper desire to know if it was true.

SO. In summation. The Book of Mormon carries power with it. The testimonies of further witnesses only adds to the Spirit, and allows even further light and knowledge to be had. Christmas packages should be opened early, just in case. I love my family with all my heart.

Doritos are the bomb. Love you all! Talk to you later!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. I hope this past Christmas Sunday was a good one for ya, it was awesome for me. If you didn't invite someone to Church this past Sunday, REPENT! (Which means change, i'm not trying to be mean) and invite someone for this Sunday! It'll be great! Love ya!

1. Elder Kempter, Elder Walton, and me :)

2. Reindeer poop, courtesy of Elder Kempters parents :) I love them!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Party!

December 15, 2014
Hey everyone!

This past week has been a pretty good week, lots of stuff happened and I'll try to make it a bit short but still real sweet. K?


So, on Tuesday we had District Meeting, and it went really well, I talked about a few of the fundamentals of being a Missionary, the one that we focused on the most was "The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion" and I related that to how we need to be converted before we can help anyone else. The course of the training was great, everyone was very involved and we learned a TON! 

Then on Thursday we had a Zone Conference/Christmas Party!!! It was really good, we started off with the training and focused on The Questions of the Soul, and how we can use the Book of Mormon to answer such questions. It was so great, we did some practices and really felt the Spirit. 

On Friday, we met with one of our investigators named Chen, he's from mainland China and he's studying here in Emporia. He's a really cool guy and loves to learn. He knows the gospel is true for sure, and he's right on track to be Baptized this coming weekend! We're super stoked for him, and he's really excited too! 

To close up so that you can get on with your busy lives, I just want to say that I know Jesus Christ is real. He made the ultimate sacrifice for you specifically. What are you going to do now, because of the gift that He has given you? Please don't waste it. 

Love you all so much!

Elder DeFreese

Monday, December 8, 2014

He is the Gift

December 8, 2014
Hey everyone! This week is going to be a little short. Because this week was full of meetings!

On Thursday we had a meeting with President Bell and the Assistants, called District Leader Accountabilities. It was cool to be able to see them again, I had been seeing them fairly frequently in my last area. But it was a good meeting, and I learned a lot. After the meeting, President took us all out to eat at a place called Hu Hot, it's a super good all you can eat chinese place. The kind where you get the meat and veggies and everything you want, put it in a bowl, give it to the cook and they cook it right in front of you! It was great.

On Saturday we had our Zone Training up in Lawrence Kansas, and had a blast! The trainings that were given were inspired of God, and I believe that there were many things said that I definitely needed to hear. It was good to see everyone in the whole zone, I've served around a lot of them, and some of them were in my Zone while I was their Zone Leader! So that was fun.

Also, just really quickly... the He is the Gift initiative put on by the church is AWESOME! Please do everything you can to share it on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever the heck you want to! We need to help the world remember what Christmas is all about. Please do your part, it'll change lives. I promise.

This past week I think the biggest thing that I've learned is just how weak and unprofitable I am. Even with my vast amount of experience when compared to other missionaries, even with the fact that I've been studying my face off... I still know nothing. And I'm still not a "great" missionary. What I'm trying to do here is not to give myself some sort of a public pity party or anything. Just hear me out.

When I recognize just how weak and simple and inefficient I am, when I am shown my weaknesses. I am able to humble myself in mighty prayer and supplication before the Lord, and when I actually take the opportunity to do that, I find much more success. Because it's not me that is doing anything really, It's me allowing the Lord to use me for His purposes.

For those of you who still care enough to read this (some of you may be a little tired of hearing from me for over 2 years now)... I want you to please consider what I have learned. And apply it in your own lives. Please recognize that you can't do anything without the Lord. Then, in mighty prayer, promise Him that you will act. Promise Him that you will do something about the situation that you're in. And then, when you have laid your plan before Him, hand it over. Let Him help you. Place your burdens at His feet and say, this is what I want to be able to accomplish, this is what I want to do to accomplish it. I cannot do it without your help, so please assist me how You see fit.


I know the Lord lives, I know that he watches out for us at all times. When we rely on Him, and keep His commandments, our lives are full to the brim. That's how it works.

OK, I think I've rambled enough. I love you all, please remember that.

Elder DeFreese

So, please forgive me. I didn't take any pictures this past week, so I'll give you a couple old ones that I don't think I sent. If I already have........ sorry!

1. Elder Nye and I, this was right before he went home :( Sad day.

2. Elder Stanford, a District Leader in my last Zone. Great missionary!

3. The STL's and I at the temple. (Sister Hartung on the left, and Sister Wheadon on the right).


Monday, December 1, 2014

Emporia Kansas!

December 1, 2014

Hey everyone! So now that I have just a little bit more time, I will try not to use the excuse that I don't have any time. However, with things being so crazy this week, I'm not quite sure how much I'll be able to write just because I'm a scatterbrained mess and I don't really remember everything. But I'll do my best!

So on Monday we went and picked up Elder Nields new companion, Elder Oakey. So we were in a trio all day, it was really fun, we all get along REALLY well. We're good friends. We went and did some shopping, got all packed up, and finally had dinner with the Schleigers and went home! It was a good day, a fun finish to my time in the Ridgepoint ward.

On Tuesday we had Transfers. I was definitely sad to leave Derby/Wichita again, I think in total I've spent a good 10 or 11 months total in that Zone. Love it there with all my heart.

Anyways, then I picked up Elder Christensen, and we drove up to Emporia! When we got there, we had a few minutes to unpack the essentials, and then we had an appointment at 5 with an investigator, Christopher. Unfortunately, he was drunk as a skunk, so we set a return appointment for later in the week. (He hasn't been home any time we've tried since then, so... maybe one day!) After that our dinner appointment cancelled on us, so we tried a few potential investigators, and then went in and finished unpacking for the most part.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with a girl named Ikbal (pronounced ick-bell) She's from somewhere in North Africa, and she's Muslim! Kind of interesting, we spent some time figuring out what they believed, and we talked about what we believe, and she said she would be more than willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. However she doesn't want to be Baptized, and she wants to try and convert us. Buuuuuuuuuuuut I don't think that'll happen.

We also met a dude named Craig, he's a Recent Convert, and he loves us missionaries! He's a great guy, fallen on hard times. Was homeless until just recently, and now he's got a job and just about to buy his own apartment! He's doing great.

On Thanksgiving, unfortunately I have a little bit of bad news first. We didn't have a Turkey Bowl, there weren't enough members to have a good game, so it didn't happen. Sad :( Next Thanksgiving for sure though! We had dinner with the Reeves family, they're an older retired couple, and they made some goooood food. Traditional Thanksgiving food, but it was delicious nonetheless.


I'm running out of time now.. but I hope that's a good enough amount of details!

The rest of the week went really great, we met a lot of new people, made some new friends, and ate some great food! Elder Christensen and I are getting along great, he's from Utah (up by Spanish Fork). Aaaaaaaand... yeah!

Love you all!!!!!!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. I hope and pray every day that you're inviting someone to church each week. The blessings of the gospel are for everyone, and you are expected to help your friends and family come and worship God. So..... do it! I promise you'll see good come from this.


1. My great-great-grandson Elder Thayne, My great-grandson Elder Hoak, and my Grandson Elder Walton, and then of course, myself. :)

2. Elder Christensen, Service! (We cut lots of wood)