Monday, December 1, 2014

Emporia Kansas!

December 1, 2014

Hey everyone! So now that I have just a little bit more time, I will try not to use the excuse that I don't have any time. However, with things being so crazy this week, I'm not quite sure how much I'll be able to write just because I'm a scatterbrained mess and I don't really remember everything. But I'll do my best!

So on Monday we went and picked up Elder Nields new companion, Elder Oakey. So we were in a trio all day, it was really fun, we all get along REALLY well. We're good friends. We went and did some shopping, got all packed up, and finally had dinner with the Schleigers and went home! It was a good day, a fun finish to my time in the Ridgepoint ward.

On Tuesday we had Transfers. I was definitely sad to leave Derby/Wichita again, I think in total I've spent a good 10 or 11 months total in that Zone. Love it there with all my heart.

Anyways, then I picked up Elder Christensen, and we drove up to Emporia! When we got there, we had a few minutes to unpack the essentials, and then we had an appointment at 5 with an investigator, Christopher. Unfortunately, he was drunk as a skunk, so we set a return appointment for later in the week. (He hasn't been home any time we've tried since then, so... maybe one day!) After that our dinner appointment cancelled on us, so we tried a few potential investigators, and then went in and finished unpacking for the most part.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with a girl named Ikbal (pronounced ick-bell) She's from somewhere in North Africa, and she's Muslim! Kind of interesting, we spent some time figuring out what they believed, and we talked about what we believe, and she said she would be more than willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. However she doesn't want to be Baptized, and she wants to try and convert us. Buuuuuuuuuuuut I don't think that'll happen.

We also met a dude named Craig, he's a Recent Convert, and he loves us missionaries! He's a great guy, fallen on hard times. Was homeless until just recently, and now he's got a job and just about to buy his own apartment! He's doing great.

On Thanksgiving, unfortunately I have a little bit of bad news first. We didn't have a Turkey Bowl, there weren't enough members to have a good game, so it didn't happen. Sad :( Next Thanksgiving for sure though! We had dinner with the Reeves family, they're an older retired couple, and they made some goooood food. Traditional Thanksgiving food, but it was delicious nonetheless.


I'm running out of time now.. but I hope that's a good enough amount of details!

The rest of the week went really great, we met a lot of new people, made some new friends, and ate some great food! Elder Christensen and I are getting along great, he's from Utah (up by Spanish Fork). Aaaaaaaand... yeah!

Love you all!!!!!!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. I hope and pray every day that you're inviting someone to church each week. The blessings of the gospel are for everyone, and you are expected to help your friends and family come and worship God. So..... do it! I promise you'll see good come from this.


1. My great-great-grandson Elder Thayne, My great-grandson Elder Hoak, and my Grandson Elder Walton, and then of course, myself. :)

2. Elder Christensen, Service! (We cut lots of wood)

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