Monday, November 24, 2014


November 24, 2014

Hi everyone!!!

According to the tradition I've made over the past 5 or 6 months, I don't really have time to e-mail! So I'm going to update you on a few of the most important things that happened this past week. K? K.

So the first thing to update you on would be the Temple trip we went on! It was the best!!! Our whole Zone, and the Andover Zone got to go! (Both zones make up the Derby Stake in Kansas). It was so great, we had an all day trip out there, and went through a session with everyone. After this, we got to have a 1 hour Question and Answer session with the Temple President! It was so great, I received SO much personal revelation, as well as revelation for those who are in the Zone. It was the BOMB! I would encourage you all to get to the temple as soon as you can, prepare yourselves spiritually, and go expecting to learn something. I promise that you will!

Second thing, our ward had a cool Thanksgiving activity on Sunday. Those who are in the Ward Council got together and gathered up some food for "Thanksgiving Baskets" and then we all dispersed and dropped them off at the homes of some families in a bit of need. It was awesome! We had a lot of fun, and we met a bunch of new people! Super great :)

Alright, last thing, and this is clearly related to my topic of the week. It's transfer week! And I'm being released as a Zone Leader, so that I can go to Emporia Kansas, and be a District Leader! It's kind of a bitter-sweet thing. I'm going to miss this ward, and the zone, but I'm super excited to go somewhere new.

So that's the news!

I hope all of you feel the spirit of Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas coming up real soon, make sure that your friends and family are feeling it as well, go share the love. Help bring them to church. K? K. Love you all!!!

Elder DeFreese

1. President Bell and I at the Temple

2. Elder Nield and I at the Temple as well!

3. We went on team-ups with a member here who just got home in October (Same day I would've gotten home)

4. Elder Nye and I! (He just went home) :(

5. The Raven family and myself

6. Christian Tafoya, a member who I helped bring back to activity and I was able to give him the Priesthood! Not sure if I ever mentioned that...

Monday, November 17, 2014

General Authority!

November 17, 2014
Hi everyone!

Really quickly, this week has been crazy! I'll only have time to update you on 2 things, and then I gotta run!

So the first thing is that this week we had a General Authority visit our mission. Elder Schwitzer from the 2nd quorum of 70. We had a special MLC (Mission Leadership Council) with him and his wife, and we learned a lot! Then we had a special Zone Conference in Emporia Kansas with him for a couple hours. Following that, each Zone Leader and Sister Training Leader had a personal interview with him. Mine was pretty quick, but I'll give you a bit of a sneak peak. We talked about my family back home, and he asked about siblings and such, and then figured out how many were married, and how many had kids and such. And he said, "Well Elder, Go and do thou likewise!" And he was totally serious! This guy committed me to go home and get married and have kids. I don't want to think about that stuff! That's ridiculous! I've still got a looooooooooong time to go!

Anyways, that's that update.

The next one is that tomorrow we get to attend the Temple in Oklahoma City! It's going to be a blast! The only downside (if it's even a downside) is that because we're going to the temple, that takes up our P-Day. So today we get all of the essentials done like e-mailing and stuff, and then we immediately get out to work! Lots of missionaries are already complaining about that, I'm just excited to go to the Temple! It's going to be the best! We also get to have a 1 hour Q&A session with the Temple President. So that's going to be awesome!

Anyways, that's about all I got for today. Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. Have you invited anyone to church in a while? If not, I would invite you to either repent and invite someone, or maybe you haven't been in a while, and you need to repent and go to church! Don't think I'm being hard on you, because if you think about it, you already promised God that you would. K? K. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holy Moses!!!!

November 10, 2014

K. So....

This past week was ridiculously crazy busy all the stinkin' time! Haha!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference from 7:45 to 5. Received some mad revelation too, it was awesome! Great conference, we learned a lot about what an "All Purpose Missionary" is. Basically we are to "Find, Teach, Baptize, Retain, and Activate" All the time, no matter where we are or what we're doing, we're focused on all 5 of these opportunities.

Wednesday we had MLC's from 8:30 until 5. We talked about where the Mission is going, why we did or didn't hit certain goals, and set some new policies and such. It was a good meeting. For the most part, MLC's is a meeting to discuss actions we might take at some point. It's a bit frustrating when we don't decide anything. But that's OK! :)

Thursday we had a Stake Correlation meeting where The ZL's meet with the Stake President, and President Bell to talk about different struggles and solutions within the Stake. It's a great meeting every time, that was from 8:45 'til 11. Then we met with the STL's from 11 'til 12:30 to talk about Zone Training which would be the next day. Then we had lunch on the way home so we could weekly plan.

Following this, we found out that there was an emergency transfer going on, and the new companion wouldn't be available 'til the next day, and we needed to take the other Elder with us, so we had to drive to go get him, and then come all the way back to Ward Correlation right at 3:30. This went until about 5 or so.

Friday we had Zone Training, Elder Nield gave a training based upon the topic, "We already chose". The STL's trained on teaching skills. And I gave a training that was focused around Consecrating ourselves. It was a great meeting, and we felt the spirit really strongly. That meeting went from 9 'til 1.

I'm not quite sure what else to update you on, I'm real low on time, and I hope those details are sufficient for you readers. Sorry I'm not able to take more time!

Love you all, talk to you soon!

Elder DeFreese.

P.S. Please remember to invite someone to church this week, they need the blessings that come from obeying the Commandments of God!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gotta run!

November 3, 2014

This weeks e-mail is going to be really quick, we have a TON of things to prepare for this week and I'm basically out of time.

So I guess I'll just inform you of the things I have to prepare for! We have Zone Conference this week, and we have to be well versed on 3 different talks given by General Authorities, as well as trainings prepared, and organizing lunch and breakfast and rides for all the missionaries.

We also have MLC's this week, where we discuss where the Mission is going, why we didn't accomplish certain goals, and set new policies and such. Elder Nield and I have been asked to prepare a myriad of different solutions to a few problems, and a training as well.

We will also have Zone Training this week, where we do a bunch of different trainings and activities to prepare the missionaries and help them to become true disciples of Christ.

So with all that, you can safely assume that this coming week is going to be INSANE!

And awesome, yeah that too! :)

OK, no time left. Quick recounting of Halloween.

Our Halloween was kind of boring. The whole Mission had to be inside or in an appointment from 6 P.M. to the end of the night. If we didn't have any appointments, we had to go inside.

However, our Halloween was a little different, because we had to make sure that our missionaries were inside and doing what they should be, not trick or treating or anything. So we got to call all the missionaries, drive around and check up on them, as well as try and visit some members in the ward.

We had also stopped by earlier in the day to visit a Part Member Family and we had some cupcakes and stuff, that was nice!

And earlier in the week we did have a trunk or treat, it was cool. But it was kind of wasted because we got stuck on the grill cooking hot dogs and didn't get a chance to go and talk to anyone, so that kind of stunk.

But this past week was great, and this week will be even better!

Love you all! Talk to you soon

Elder DeFreese