Monday, November 24, 2014


November 24, 2014

Hi everyone!!!

According to the tradition I've made over the past 5 or 6 months, I don't really have time to e-mail! So I'm going to update you on a few of the most important things that happened this past week. K? K.

So the first thing to update you on would be the Temple trip we went on! It was the best!!! Our whole Zone, and the Andover Zone got to go! (Both zones make up the Derby Stake in Kansas). It was so great, we had an all day trip out there, and went through a session with everyone. After this, we got to have a 1 hour Question and Answer session with the Temple President! It was so great, I received SO much personal revelation, as well as revelation for those who are in the Zone. It was the BOMB! I would encourage you all to get to the temple as soon as you can, prepare yourselves spiritually, and go expecting to learn something. I promise that you will!

Second thing, our ward had a cool Thanksgiving activity on Sunday. Those who are in the Ward Council got together and gathered up some food for "Thanksgiving Baskets" and then we all dispersed and dropped them off at the homes of some families in a bit of need. It was awesome! We had a lot of fun, and we met a bunch of new people! Super great :)

Alright, last thing, and this is clearly related to my topic of the week. It's transfer week! And I'm being released as a Zone Leader, so that I can go to Emporia Kansas, and be a District Leader! It's kind of a bitter-sweet thing. I'm going to miss this ward, and the zone, but I'm super excited to go somewhere new.

So that's the news!

I hope all of you feel the spirit of Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas coming up real soon, make sure that your friends and family are feeling it as well, go share the love. Help bring them to church. K? K. Love you all!!!

Elder DeFreese

1. President Bell and I at the Temple

2. Elder Nield and I at the Temple as well!

3. We went on team-ups with a member here who just got home in October (Same day I would've gotten home)

4. Elder Nye and I! (He just went home) :(

5. The Raven family and myself

6. Christian Tafoya, a member who I helped bring back to activity and I was able to give him the Priesthood! Not sure if I ever mentioned that...

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