Monday, March 17, 2014


March 17, 2014
So this week's e-mail is going to be real short mainly because today... I'm just really sick of e-mails! Haha, but to address this week's subject line....
I'm not being transferred! I'm still in the Harrison Park ward down here in Wichita/Derby Kansas, however I'm also going to be a District Leader again! Super stoked about that! I can't wait to serve the crap out of my District! :)
This past week was pretty good, I guess.
A really big downer for us was that our Investigator, who reeeaallly wants to be baptized... has just gotten pregnant. She's had the lessons at least 4 times all the way through and yet this happened, so that was really sad. She still has to get married to her boyfriend, they're living together, and then after that they can be baptized. But this is just another setback.
But that was a downer.
But to get back to the positives! We are teaching a man named David, he's a young hispanic guy, single, and he is SO cool! Haha, he's way chill and down to earth. He came to a baptism this past Saturday and he said, "That was Bad A** dude!!!" Hahahahaha, so funny. He has a bit of a mouth on him, but we're working with it. He's doing real good, and he's on Baptism date for the 12th of April! So stoked!
I also got to go on exchanges with my current District Leader, Elder Pack, he came out with my MTC group! Love him to death, he's so cool! But we had a pretty good exchange, he's actually the Car guy in the mission office, so we had to be in the office all day, but we had fun and we really bonded a lot. :)
And last but not least, on Sunday our Stake President came to the ward and talked for just a bit. One of the things that really hit me was this, "Motivation is not a feeling, it's a decision" And with that I just want to tell each of you who are reading this, who don't feel motivated to do something in the church, whether it be a calling or home teaching, or just going to church all together. Your motivation to go to church is not a feeling. You have decided to feel this way. So my invitation to you all is to change your attitude, change your decision to do what the Lord wants us to do. We love you, we need you. Please, please help us do this great work the Lord has set forth.
I love you all! Talk to you soon,
Elder DeFreese

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