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March 3, 2014

Hello yet again all you who.... are reading this...
Tried to think of something clever to say, didn't work. Went with that ^
Anyways! First off, I want to clarify because I guess I didn't make it too clear. I love my companion Elder Blaylock! He's awesome! Great missionary, hard worker! Him and I get along great, and the work here is on the cusp of EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, that's out of the way.
"Elder DeFreese, how was your week?"
"Funny you should ask! I'll tell you allllllll about it!" (exept a bunch of details that I'll forget)
So we'll start with Tuesday. In our ward boundaries, we have an Air Force Base, however, we can't get on base without someone who is actually a part of the Air Force. President Bell (he being a part of the Air Force himself) has told us that we need to get in there somehow, and see if we can't teach someone! SO, after a lot of calls and some appointments made and cancelled, we finally got an appointment with the Chaplins on base, and with a member who could get us in there! So we met with them and told them how we wanted to hold a Family Home Evening on base for those who are a part of the LDS faith. From what I understand (and we still need to clear this up) the chaplins said that we (the missionaries) can do next to no teaching at all, that it has to be up to the member (brother Berret) to teach and set up everything. Again, we still need to figure that out, but it sounded like we can't really do anything on base. But it was really cool to get on base in the first place! It doesn't really seem all that different from the outside world, but it was still cool :)
On Wednesday we had a bunch of appointments, they all fell through. Exept Dinner! Dinner was great, we had it with a young family in the ward, the Grassie's. Brother Grassie is a member of the Air Force, so the live in a Military Housing area, so that was cool. They're a way cool family! At one point, Brother Grassie looked to his son, Orin, and asked him if he wanted any more food, he replied quickly with, "No thanks, I'm picking my nose" after which he promptly jammed his finger ALL the way up there! Hahahahahaha, so funny! We had a great time, and then went out with Brother Grassie to try some of our appointments, and a few extra backups, which all fell through. But I still count that night as a success because he and his family saw that we're out trying!
Then on to Thursday we had a bunch of appointments with investigators, and less active members, which ALL fell through! Are you sensing a pattern here? Hahaha, BUT dinner with the Stouts was still on! The Stouts are also a mility family, just a couple for now though. Brother Stout is in the Air Force and he's way cool! He watches Scrubs! So we quoted the show back and forth during dinner. But anyways, we went to Olive Garden with them, and we met the Grassie's there! It was great! So, at Olive Garden, the waiter (taaaallll black guy with a flaming red mohawk) asks Orin if he wants any cheese on his spaghetti, Orin replies with, "I farted :D" <with the biggest grin on his face! The waiter, and all of us, just DIED laughin! It was so great :) He's the funniest little kid! Haha :)
On Friday we had Interviews with President Bell, him and I talked about a lot of stuff, but he mentioned again that he really wants me to be a leader, but at that time he hadn't really started working on transfers, so again... who knows what the crap could happen?! Haha, nobody! But it's all good, we'll just have to observe what occurs. :)
After Interviews we had a few appointments, which ALL FELL THROUGH! So sad! :( But it's all good, because guess what? Dinner was still on! We had dinner with the Darlings, another young couple, and they're SO cool! Brother and sister Darling were so nice, and we had a lot of fun! They noticed early on that I had pretty long hair and asked me about it, and I said that I was pretty low on money and I was just going to wait until (today) to get a haircut because then I'd have some money, at which point, Sister Darling offered to cut our hair for free! So we're having dinner with them again tonight, and she'll cut my hair too! Sweet! Blessings! Haha
Then, on Saturday, we had a 70, Elder Martino, come visit us! It was SO cool! He talked to us a lot about teaching people with the members, and asking for referrals in the correct manner. It was so cool, and we learned a lot! After that we had a few appointments set up, which, can you guess? EVERYTHING got cancelled! Yay! Even dinner cancelled this time, but another member (Carlos) offered to feed us! He took us out to a mexican restaraunt called alejandros, it was really good, TONS of food! However, during the course of the meal, Elder Blaylock got a suuuuuper bad migraine, which just floored him! So sad, it was also really bad because it made him really sick, so we had to go in for the rest of the night so he could rest.
I forgot to mention also that Saturday was rough because the weather really started to hate on Kansas, we got freezing rain! So the roads were all covered with a nice inch of ice.
As a result, on Sunday, all our cars were parked, and CHURCH got cancelled! :( Bad day :( So we were stuck inside all day, but we were told to park our cars just after a few Elders had gotten to our apartment to drop off their laundry, so we got to spend the day with them playing board games and such! So I guess it wasn't all bad :) We made the most of it :)
Wow. I've typed a BUNCH today! Hopefully that will tide you over 'til next week, eh?
I love you all! And I hope someone sends me a letter soon, because I may just break down and cry :)
Kidding! I'm too lost in the work ;)
Love ya!
Elder DeFreese
Need a dish?

We have a fireplace :)

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