Monday, March 17, 2014

A true servant of the Lord....

March 10, 2014
Oh hi there!
So this past week has been AMAZING!!!!!!!!! And fairly sad at some points. But I'll keep it in chronological order, so that we can keep things moving fluidly.
On Monday, Elder Blaylock and I had our normal P-Day, and afterwards had Dinner with the Darlings! I think I mentioned them last week, so we had dinner and a haircut like planned, but we had to pause my haircut halfway through so that we could eat! It was pretty funny, but I like it! Sister Darling did a great job, and I won't need another haircut for another 2 or 3 weeks probably.
On Tuesday........ we had a bunch of time to work in the afternoon, no luck. BUT, after dinner with the Christiansens, Elder Blaylock went with brother Christiansen, and I went with Brother Favre on team ups! I went to an FHE with some Less Active members, and one of our investigators, Ariana. I taught the lesson, on personal revelation. It was great, good night! :)
Wednesday......... ehhhhhh nothing too special. But we worked hard! Haha :)
Thursday was pretty much like wednesday, lots and lots of work, without really any numbers or anything to show for it. But we keep trying! Ha, appointments fall through, people slam doors, it's all good! We do our best :)
Friday.... was freaking INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I was able to keep this a secret but Elder Bednar came to our Mission! A freaking member of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles! SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a meeting with just the missionaries for 3 or 4 hours, where we were able to ask him questions about anything. He taught us soooooo much. One thing that we learned was that we treat most people as objects, not as agents. Meaning that we just say stuff in front of a mirror pretty much, and we instead need to reeaally focus on teaching the person. Help them to learn just as the Angel taught Nephi in 1 Ne. 11-14 I think, not quite sure right now.
Anyways, a lot of the stuff we talked about, Elder Bednar asked us not to share with everyone... soo......... awkward.
Haha, then on Saturday we had another meeting with Elder Bednar about Hastening the Lords work. This meeting was with the whole stake, as it was stake conference weekend. He taught us that the Lord has already hastened the work, and that it's our job to try to keep up. The biggest thing that he taught the members was that it's the members job to find! You cannot pray for us, the missionaries, to find, YOU need to go out there and get it done! This is coming from an apostle of the Lord, so I want to encourage you, just as Elder Bednar did, to go out and find people for the missionaries to teach! Not necessarily go and knock on doors, but prayerfully identify one person who you need to talk to, and talk to them! It's EASY!
"But Elder DeFreese, you say it's easy because you're doing it full time"
My response to that is this.
BULL. It's easy because the Lord has made it easy for us. Are you honestly saying that it's hard to live the gospel? Are you saying that it's hard to share with people what you know is true? If that is the case then I invite you to humble yourself and remember that the Lord has asked you to do this. It's not hard, the Lord will be with you. And if you need any extra help or advice, I'm always here, send me an e-mail or a letter and I'll do everything I can to help you. Because I love you, and because I know that if you do this, the Lord will bless you with a multiplicity of blessings.
Ok. Now this is a bit too long for my taste so I'll wrap it up.
I love you all! And I'll talk to you soon!
Elder DeFreese
My posterity!
Left to Right: Elder Karchner, Me, Elder Kempter, Elder Walton

Elder Johnson and I

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