Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17, 2014
So.... I'm not in Nebraska anymore!
There was an emergency transfer, an Elder went home, among some other, crazier things. And to make a long story short (about 2 sentences), I was moved to Wichita, Harrison Park Ward!
So now I'm with Elder Blaylock, he's a fantastic missionary! He's got to the field just a few weeks after I left for surgery, so that's cool :) We're working hard and having lots of fun too! He seems like a bit of a practical joker though, so I have to be wary, things may get out of control pretty quick! Haha
So what happened was just last week on Wednesday, Elder Peterson and I had to drive ALL the way down to Wichita (about 4 hours) and then I got my new companion Elder Blaylock, and said goodbye to my (almost) son.
After that, we saw that the office is expanding, and they had a TON of work to do to get things set up, so we rolled up our sleeves and got started. We worked mainly in the supply room, getting all the shelves put together, and then the supplies onto the shelves. It was a huge task! We were there until dinner time, and then we came back the next day to finish. Totaling about 8 hours of work, but if we hadn't done it then the office would still be a mess, so we're pretty proud of our work.
This week was a blast though! We did a lot of great work, and we saw a fantastic miracle yesterday! Our zone is working on finding new investigators and so there was a huge push to find, Elder Blaylock and I set a goal of 3 new Investigators just yesterday, so that we could hit our weekly goal. We asked the Lord to bless us to know where to go, and we went! When we got to the area we were going to find people at, we knocked and knocked and knocked. Eventually by the end of the day we had found 7 new investigators! More than doubling our goal! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
I'm loving the work out here, and I'm loving being a missionary again. Nothing else like it.
Love you all, and write me!!!!!!
Elder DeFreese
P.S. I was reading a talk given by Elder Bednar just this morning, he said that the Full time missionaries are called to Preach and to Teach the Gospel. And it is the MEMBERS job to FIND the people to teach for the missionaries. So let that sink in for a minute, and then go and talk to some people! This doesn't mean that you have to get out and knock doors like a missionary, it just means that you need to open your mouths and talk about the gospel to your friends, family, and coworkers. If you really think about it, it's ridiculously easy. So get up and get it done.
If you're still having trouble with that, just remember that it's a commandment and God needs you to help his children. :)
1. The purple house!!! (I wanted to find someone to teach there so bad! But nobody was home)

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