Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phillipians 4:13

March 4, 2013

Well shoot... I don't know why. But this week a lot of the messages that I got from people seemed to revolve around this scripture. The scripture says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" It's a really good one, I like it a lot. I know that this scripture is true, through Him ALL things are possible. I just figured I would put that as the subject/title line this week because it seemed to be the revolving scripture going through my mind as I read some of your e-mails.
So this past week was pretty slow missionary wise, this area is VERY hard to work. But we are getting along pretty nicely with some people. Hopefully progression in the Gospel continues. People get Anti Mormon visitors really quickly around here. It's a bit frustrating, but like the quote goes, "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" I think that's the quote at least.
Anyways, I have 4 points that I wanted to talk about that were, I guess, the highlights of the week.
First, we went on exchanges on Friday with the Zone Leaders. Me and Elder Wadsworth stayed in our area with Elder Bills, while Elder Cowdin went with Elder Stephens to their area. We had a really good exchange, I learned a lot from Elder Bills and from some teaching experiences that we had. Elder Bills said that i'm really good at teaching simply and clearly so that people really understand what i'm talking about. So that was a huge boost for me, lately I had been feeling like my teaching skills weren't up to par at all. But now I know that I do a pretty good job, not to say that I'm gonna stop working on it! I've still got a LONG ways to go before i'm a very good teacher of the gospel. But that was sweet, we visited a lot of people and taught some lessons, it was good. I really enjoyed it.
The BIG news from this week is this, usually on the Friday night before transfers, the assistants call the potential trainers for the coming transfer. Unfortunately, they didn't call me. So I was a little upset, because I've been wanting to train for a long time now. However, while I was in the shower Saturday morning, they called! We had a trainers meeting at the mission home that morning at 10, and then had lunch. I saw Elder Pack and Elder Lee there, they came out with me from the MTC. They're super cool Elders and they'll make outstanding trainers. The only problem is this, they call us "potential trainers" which means, you'll probably train, but there's a chance that you won't. So I'm really hoping that I train. But anyways, In the training I just felt really good about being there, and I felt like I had been prepared for this coming transfer.
But anyways, on to the other 2. I have 7 minutes left! Let's see if I can do this! Well, I still type around 90 - 100 words a minute so I think I can get there. Just to show off i'm writing this paragraph to show you how awesome I am! Well, really just to be funny, in case someone needs a laugh. :)
So on Sunday we had Stake Conference, which was super sweet. It was a televised event, which Elder Oaks spoke in. As well as Elder Christiansen and Elder Echo Hawk of the 70. It was super cool and i learned a lot. BUT that's not it, the cool thing was as we were leaving, I was walking past a guy who had on a SWEET paisley tie. So to be nice, I told him that it was a real nice tie, and that it looked good. He thanked me and we went our seperate ways. I made it to the car and we were just about to leave, when they pulled up in their car! They asked, "who was the missionary who liked my tie?" and I raised my hand and said, "i am!" And the man pulled it off and gave it to me! I'm wearing it right now, it's way nice! I tried to just swap him real quick with my tie, but he wouldn't take it. So that was really nice of him.
And the last thing, last night just before bed. OH MY GOODNESS! I totally forgot, so... we moved. We're living with members now, and they're super cool. Mom and Dod, youll probably get an e-mail from them real soon. He's in the bishopric and she just got released from the primary presidency. They're really cool and I love 'em a lot. Anyways, they had some company over and they used to live in springville, right on Brookside drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that was way cool, and it was super fun talking to them about it.
Anyways, I hope all is going well with my challenge. Remember, invite your friends or family who don't go, to come to church! Read from the Book of Mormon, share your testimony! It's all about Phillipians 4:13 everyone, through Christ we can do ALL things! I love you all, I know this gospel is true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder DeFreese
P.S. I'll hear from all of you real soon right?
Wooh! 1 minute to spare :)

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