Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!

March 25, 2013
That's right, you saw that! My Momma had a birthday, shout, "hooray!" One year older and wiser too! Happy Birthday, to you! I sure hope I got that right, I haven't sang that one in a long time! Haha, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much!
Now that we have all of the political things taken care of, let's get down to what's going on in Concordia shall we?
First item of business, we had our Zone Conference on Tuesday! We had to drive 3 hours down all the way to Wichita, so that we could sleep over with some other missionaries. One of those missionaries? Elder Hayes! My trainer!!!! Hahahaha, that was freakin' awesome!! I missed that guy, we had some great times together. But we had a lot of time to catch up and have some fun, I really needed that. After we spent the night we had our Zone Conference, it was so inspiring! The Assistants all gave trainings on different things, and then President Keyes came and spoke to us. It was intense, he is such a spiritual power house! At the end we talked a little bit about the mission split and where the boundaries are going to be. From what it looks like, there's a pretty good chance that i'm going to be in the other mission, the Wichita, Kansas mission! So that's pretty exciting right?? :)
After that we got to drive the whole way down, we have a mission car for right now, we are in a part time car area. So I was the designated driver, and got to drive all 3 hours back up to Concordia! So that was fun, I love driving :)
So now with the car, we were able to get out and visit a lot of our members and Less Actives, getting referrals and such. We had a very successful week, if anything we at least got out to visit the members, and helped them to see us and begin to trust us with names. We got a lot of referrals, and hopefully we'll be getting a lot more soon! However, the sad news is that we haven't been able to visit with Bob since our last visit. We think he may have been subject to anti mormonism or something. So that's something that we're going to work harder on. We need to visit him soon!!!!! I feel sometimes like I'm not trying hard enough, maybe we could have prevented this happening to Bob. But that's ok! We are going to keep coming until he tells us what has happened. In all honesty, he could just be SUPER busy! So we'll hope that's the case :)
Just 2 nights ago we were able to meet with a Part Member Family, the Harris'! They are really cool, and they have definitely been prepared! We were able to teach them for a good hour or so and really get to know them. They are super excited and so willing and ready to make a change in their lives! I'm so excited to continue teaching them. They made our week for sure.
One last thing, something of such importance that I almost didn't mention it. Something so crazy, that all of you just might freak out a little bit. Elder Kempter and I had an experience the other day, that will NEVER be forgotten! We had the amazing opportunity to go and to have a meal at Taco Johns!!!!! Not at all what you were expecting right??? Got ya! But yeah, Taco Johns is SUPER delicious and it may just be my favorite place to eat here in Concordia, some of you may remember Pizza Street from my last area? Love 'em both! :)
But anyways, that about does it. OH! In Zone Conference President Keyes made an announcement straight from the First Presidency, we ARE allowed to e-mail friends now. So we have been given extra time every Monday to e-mail our friends. So for those of you who have had an excuse not to write me in the past? Sorry, excuse has just be taken away! Almost everyone I know has a smart phone, you can e-mail me anytime of day now! So I want to see more E-mails in my box next week! Also, hand written letters are still very much accepted, and appreciated. So get writing you lazy people! hahahaha, just kidding. I love you all :)
Lastly, how could I forget my challenges?? Read from the scriptures! I have been reading in the Doctrine and Covenants lately, and it has been super enlightening, I have learned SO much from it! Try just a chapter a day at least, ok? :) Also, don't forget to invite those you know who may be Less Active, or even non members, to come to church! Ok? That's the BEST place to feel the spirit, and to come closer to our Heavenly Father. And Bear Testimony, of all things, this can help YOU just as much as it helps others grow. My testimony has grown so much already, it can happen to you too.
I love you all,
Elder DeFreese
Write me :)

1. Elder Lowry, Johnson, and Myself :)
2. The posterity! Elder Hayes, Myself, Elder Kempter
3. He got an Easter package :)

4. I got an egg! :)
5. My dinner!
6. Just doing some studies...

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