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April 1, 20
Gotta love Easter! Obviously, this week is/was Easter week! So that explains the title, ANYWAYS, lets get down to business!
So..... this week we had a LOT of work that we did. We have been working really hard and doing our best to get out there and let the people know about Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel! We were able to do a lot of tracting, and a lot of contacting people, and we taught a TON of lessons this past week. Let's just say that... opening a new area? Well, it's got some blessings attached. Haha, we had a really great week this past week, and I'm so happy to be a part of the work here in Concordia.
The big things that happened this week were threefold.
1) The third house that we knocked on Wednesday, turned out to be a HUGE blessing for us. We met a nice young lady named Sarah, and she runs a Day Care in her home, she answered the door and we talked for a good 10 minutes about the restoration, and she had a LOT of questions for us. We did our best to cover it and then asked if we could come back to more fully answer her questions and teach her about the Restored Gospel. She then Invited us to come back in a few hours (around 5:30) and she would make DINNER for us, and then we could teach her and her husband! So we came back, and shared with them the message of the Restoration, during which they had a lot of questions. We were able to have a spiritual meeting with them, and they definitely felt it. We were able to get a return appointment as well, for tomorrow. They were definitely an answer to my prayers, they are so cool, and so inquisitive. It's amazing to find people that hold true to their own faith, but also are willing to accept and at least learn about others. They are reading and praying, and hopefully the Lord Blesses them with an answer soon.
2) District Meeting. We drove out to Salina Kansas, where the stake center is, and had our District Meeting! Elder Seymour, our District Leader, is new to this leadership role, and so this was his first meeting. It went fairly well! He was able to give us a powerful training on teaching by the spirit. Straight out of Preach My Gospel. He is a great missionary, and he will continue to grow and become an even better one. During this, he asked me to come and share my "Golden Nugget" He had forgotten to remind us that we needed to prepare one. Oh, a Golden Nugget is just something unique or something that you really like, out of Preach My Gospel, or the scriptures. So I went up there, not knowing what to read or share, and the spirit took over. I shared an experience I had had about obedience. And how I have seen exact obedience bless my life not only out here in the mission, but also back home. We felt the spirit so strong in that room on Friday, it was awesome. A huge testimony builder for me, It goes right along with my challenge to TESTIFY to all of you! As you testify of the truthfulness of this Gospel, you will come closer to our Heavenly Father than you have ever come before. It honestly feels like I have been serving for just a couple days, and yet I've come so far. It's crazy!
3) Exchanges. We were able to go on exchanges right after District Meeting, Elder Seymour stayed in Concordia with Elder Kempter. And I went to Salina with Elder Allen. It was definitely an interesting experience. This particular exchange wasn't the most effective, but we got some work done. The reason it wasn't too effective was because the Salina Elders were moving that day, and so most of our time was spent doing that. Afterwards we were able to get out and see some potential investigators and we contacted a referral, which turned into 2 new investigators! Oh! Did I mention the best part? Elder Allen served with Elder Hayes, my trainer, the transfer preceding this one. So he and I talked quite a bit about the experiences that we had, and all of the crazy stuff that had happened. It was nice to catch up. Elder Allen really looks up to Elder Hayes quite a bit, he was going through a rough time and when Elder Hayes came, he totally turned it around. So I'm glad he was able to get the help that he needed, the Lord is truly in each and every transfer. No matter where you go, the Lord needs you there for SOMEBODY, if not for an investigator, it may very well be for your companion.
Those are the big happenings that went on this week, and I can't believe we are at the start of another one so soon! It's crazy!
OH! My AMAZING mother, sent me an Easter Package this week! Here's the story. We got back to the apartment at about 10:45... ish (Saturday morning). And I noticed that the post office had dropped off a slip telling me that I had a package waiting for me, and that I needed to pick it up! Well, after I had gotten settled back into the Apartment, away we went to get my happiness in a box! When we got there, the post office was CLOSED! It was exactly 11:02 and they close at 11 on Saturday! So I was heart-broken, I wanted that package so badly! Hahaha, kinda pathetic right? Nah, missionaries LOVE mail more than.... ooooh... careful. More than...... Peanut Butter on pancakes! Hahahahaha, anyways. As we were leaving the Apartment again to get out and do some work, we passed by the post office, and I saw one of the workers just coming out of the doors, we politely said hello and kept walking onward. Then we hear, "HEY!" And we turn, and he's got my package!!!!!!! He said that he recognized us, and knew where we lived, (Small town eh?) and he wanted me to get the package before the weekend! So nice. I love the post office even more now.
Anyways, That'll about do it for this week.
Remember the challenges ok? I haven't heard much from any of you sticking to it, so I'll just hope and pray that you DO remember. First, you'll need some spiritual nourishment. Go and read those scriptures! Even if it's a verse, a chapter, whatever. READ! Then, you'll need to TESTIFY! It's really not too difficult, keep it simple if you're nervous or scared. Just tell someone of the truthfulness of this gospel. And Last, Invite someone to church! EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!!!!!! Remember that, and get some missionary work of your own done this week. I know that as you do so, you will all notice a big change in your week. You will see a growth in your own testimony, and you will be helping other people come unto Christ. Please don't take this responsibility lightly, for it IS a responsibility. Look it up, I dare ya!
I love you all so much, keep up the good work, and DON'T forget to write your favorite missionary! And then you can write me afterwards.
Elder DeFreese

1. You want some? ;)
2. Let's tract.... somewhere cool.
3. Just lookin' good!
4. Lunch!
5. Big house we knocked, nobody answered :(

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