Monday, April 8, 2013

We've had a Birthday (not quite yet!)

April 8, 2013
It's my Poppas Birthday on Tuesday!!!!!!! And he's turning.... at LEAST 50. Maybe more, maybe less, who's to say? Who's to know? Hahahaha, love ya dad! I'm so grateful for the example you are to me, complete and total obedience, and happily working in whatever calling you are given. A true hero of mine. I love my pops! :)
Anyways, Hi everyone! Another P-Day! Although, for all you back home it's just that crappy Monday! Hahaha, SUCKAS! Monday is my favorite now :)
Haha, that was fun for me. So let's get down to the nitty gritty. This week has been SWEET! We had ourselves a meeting with an amazing couple on Thursday, Logan and Lori, they are super inquisitive and really receptive to the gospel. We have taught them twice now, and they are really getting into it. Logan has a lot of questions, but once it's been answered, it makes so much sense to him and you can literally SEE his testimony growing. It's amazing. Lori is a bit quiet, but she's getting a little more comfortable with us, she's awesome! We taught them the plan of Salvation just the other day, and they took it really well, so far that has been the lesson that people have a LOT of trouble with. But they really see and understand it! It's amazing to see.
Then on Friday we had District Meeting! It went pretty well again. I love District Meeting, especially out here in Kansas, because we don't see other missionaries until these meetings! Haha, so it's really fun to catch up with everyone and swap stories and what not. It's awesome. But I got to share another golden nugget again! haha, this time I shared a story about the Book of Mormon, and it was going really well, until a dog outside started barking and yipping like crazy, that really bugged us. But other than that the meeting was awesome!
Then on the way home, we got a ride from Bro. Gile, it was about lunch time and we wanted to eat! So we were thinking of places to go in Salina, and felt like we needed to wait for Concordia. So we did, and as we were getting close, we started to think about places to go, to eat. I kept thinking about different places and my mind kept going to Taco Johns! I love Taco Johns, but I was worried the others wouldn't quite like to go there, because we eat there more frequently than other places, it's SO good! But finally I recognized it as a genuine prompting. We were in line ordering food, when a couple approached us. They introduced themselves and we did likewise, we came to find out that the womans husband (Gary) is an Investigator! He has been reading from the Book of Mormon and praying about it, and he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, he's been coming to church, and they're moving here to Concorida! The Lord truly blessed us with a miracle! We taught Gary the message of the Restoration, and he accepted it really well. He already pays, and understands the concept of tithing, and he's a really fun person to be around! I love him. :)
Conference... was.... AMAZING!!!!!!!! I hope all of you enjoyed conference as much as I did! And my Mom was totally right, she wrote me today and asked if I "Loved it more than I ever have in my whole life, and didn't appreciate it when I was home" Apparently that's typical. But WOW! I really did love it more than EVER! And I didn't really appreciate the fact that these speakers are chosen of GOD, that they are directed by the spirit to know EXACTLY what we need to hear. All of those speakers are speaking technically, to the church in general. But in reality, I found that each speaker had something very KEY for me personally. Amazing. Loved every second of it! But the coolest part was that Logan and Lori came to a session of conference, and Gary came to two sessions! That's what really made this Conference weekend special! They felt the spirit so strongly, and they had a lot of their questions answered.
The Lord truly blesses us, as we have faith in Him, work hard, and have fun doing the work! If you look in D&C chapter 4, it mentions WORK 3 times, I feel that it is very important that we realize this life is WORK. And again, as we have faith in the Lord, ALL things are made possible. I cannot even fathom where I would be without this mission. It has changed my life immeasurably.
I hope that all of you had a great week. And I hope that you are ALL taking my challenges, not because I asked you, not because I'm a good person. But because you want to show the Lord that you are willing to work, and show that love and respect you have for Him, to others. Remember, Read your scriptures, Invite people to come to church, and Bare testimony! I can PROMISE you, as one of the Lords chosen servants at this time, that as you do this, the Lord will bless you with more faith, more knowledge, and enough courage to continue on this journey. The last and most important thing we talk about in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is ENDURE TO THE END. This is the final and hardest part that we go through. But it IS possible. Put your faith in the Lord, and I know you will. I love you all, and I hope to talk to you real soon.
Elder DeFreese

1. Frick!
2. Service, gotta love it!
3. Gotta knock it!
4. The District. Elders Allen, me, Kempter, Maki, Seymour, Sweeten, and sisters Huff and Thompson.

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