Monday, April 22, 2013

You gotta be kidding me!

April 22, 2013
Ok. First off, I want to say, that this week was the HARDEST week of my mission. Elder Kempter and I were having a very hard time getting any work done. This being Transfer week, we weren't able to set any appointments with people because we didn't know what would be happening and so it would just make things worse if we set anything up. So...... we didn't have any plans at all for the week. We tried tracting, we tried visiting the members, we tried it all. Literally EVERYTHING fell through, ALL week. I was getting very frustrated, and very angry with myself. I was constantly praying for guidance and I wasn't getting any. I couldn't help but feel let down. BUT, we kept working, we kept pushing. We truly endured this week. And at the end? It was TOTALLY worth it.
First off, I will tell you about the mud incident on Wednesday. This was part of the reason I felt let down. We were out tracting and I felt super prompted to go and visit one of our members a far ways away, so, I got really excited that I was finally having a prayer answered! I started to think, man, If I hadn't been in the right mindset, this wouldn't be happening.... I started to get prideful. SO, we decided that we would visit this member, who, by the way, is the only member in that particular town, and then we would visit people on the way back to Concordia. We got the GPS, put in the address, and off we went! Well, we got to a certain point where we turned off the Freeway, no big deal, then we were directed to turn onto a county road... gravel road. It has been raining for the whole day, and most of the night before... So, as we turn onto this road I see a sign saying, "Gravel Ends" I immediately felt prompted to STOP and turn around. BUT, inside myself I said, "but I was prompted to go and visit this member, how else can I get to them? The Lord will guide me through this way..." nope. The Gravel ended, and we got stuck in the mud. Elder Kempter got out and pushed us a bit further ahead, where more gravel was. Feeling AGAIN the prompting to stop and turn around I thought, "nah, we're on gravel now! We can make it! The Lord helped us get through it!" We got over the hill and ALL the road was mud. We got stuck. I was very upset at myself, at God, and even at whoever put the signs up. Mostly I was angry with myself. I couldn't believe that I had my very own pride cycle on my mission. I turned to God, and we called one of our members, Bro. Gile. He came and got us out of the mud with his truck and we safely returned home, having spent the entire day stuck in the car, with rain and lighting all around, just wasting time.
So, feeling let down, like the week is going downhill we continued. Working hard and doing what we should, not really feeling much prompting from the Holy Ghost, until Sunday. One of our investigators, Michael, Came to church!! He brought his whole family too! He felt the spirit very strongly, and expressed his thanks to us for never giving up on him, for always believing, and helping him get to this point. We sat with him throughout the church services and parted was very happy and excited. THEN, later in the day we felt prompted to visit them that very night! Up 'til now, Michael has not felt comfortable in setting a date for his Baptism, and we felt very prompted to invite him again today. We taught him various commandments, including the word of wisdom, and we bore powerful testimony and we had a very great lesson. Near the close I felt that it wasn't the right time to invite him to be Baptized, like we had earlier talked about. I felt instead, that Michael needed a blessing. So, we asked him, and he admitted that he would REALLY like one, and that he has a sure need of it as well. Elder Kempter gave him the blessing, and it was very strong, the Spirit was DEFINITELY working through him, Michael expressed his thanks, with tears in his eyes, and both of ours as well... and we invited him. He readily accepted and we have him on date for May 11th!!!
Everyone, the Lord DOES bless us, as we work hard, have faith in him, and do not get discouraged when Satan is working on us! DO NOT get discouraged!!!!!!! It WILL weaken your faith, I can testify of that as sure as I can testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.
I love this work, and I know for a fact that I am here, specifically in Concordia Kansas, for a reason. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I know that through Him, we can live with our Heavenly Father again.
Remember to keep my challenges going people! This time I want you to report back and tell me how it's going! Keep inviting your friends and family to church, even if they say no, they'll know that you're thinking about them, and they'll know that you love them. Keep reading your scriptures, get that spiritual nourishment! I'm going to be trying to finish the Book of Mormon again in 6 months time, maybe you could try with me! And bear testimony! I know that as you do these three things, you WILL get closer to Jesus Christ, and help others to do so as well.
I love you all!
Elder DeFreese
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