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March 18, 2013
It's been a whole 'nother week! Wow! Time surely flies as you work for the Lord. Anyways, this weeks title is "What?" My father is very familiar with this, as I say it to him ALL the time! It's quite fun to mess with him.
Anyways, this week has been full of a lot of cold weather, some nice weather, lot's of hard work. And some success!!!
First, we had a Zone Training on Wed. which went fairly well. First one here in Kansas, and it went way different than the ones in Independence! But it's all good, the message is the same and it's awesome. I really love going to those, it's a good time to catch up with missionaries, and then to teach and learn from each other. Loved it!
Then on Friday we had a SICK experience! We were out tracting and we were just about done for the day, and we went to the LAST door. A man (Bob) answered, and we gave him our brief message about the restoration and asked him a couple questions, standard stuff. And then he bore HIS testimony to US about the power of the atonement! So we got really excited and started talking more, and we got invited in to his home! Then we taught him the full message of the restoration, and it was super powerful, the spirit was SO strong there! He was getting really involved in the lesson, asking insightful questions and then we finally got to the end. As we were testifying of these truths that we share, Elder Kempter kind of started to wrap things up. Then I felt so strongly that we needed to invite Bob to baptism... but with the training program, Elder Kempter needs to take the lead. So, figuring that he is just too nervous to really focus on the spirit, I just write in big letters, "BAPTISM" on my planner, and I discreetly showed it to him. His eyes lit up and he invited Bob to be baptized, and he accepted!!!!!!!!! It was SO awesome!!!! The Lord really blessed us with him, he's so prepared, it's amazing!
Then on Sunday we were asked to give talks, Elder Kempter talked to the ward all about "every member a missionary" and things like that. Kind of a brimstone and fire talk, helping the members in this area WAKE UP! It was really good, he was supposed to fill about 20 minutes, and he filled about 12. But it's all good, I over-prepared! I gave a talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (really broad topic right?? Hehe.....) So I talked for a good 4 minutes or so on each topic, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. At the close of my talk, I felt again, the prompting from the spirit to testify that the Members are our most important resource. In this course I kind of woke the members up just like Elder Kempter did! Hahahaha, so we are hoping from our combined efforts that the Members Do, in fact, wake up! And start helping us with the missionary efforts here.
Anyways, other than that, not too much to tell. We are just out working hard and getting to know the area and loving the people! For all you people reading this.... WAKE UP! I know a lot of you live in Utah, or areas with lots of mormons around. But EVERY member a MISSIONARY!!!!!!!! Get out there and get it done! The Lord has placed you in your area for a reason, find out what it is! Pray for the strength to find missionary opportunities, pray for strength to take advantage of those opportunities! I know the Lord will bless you with that exact thing, as you place your faith and trust in Him, and let Him guide you where He will. I love you all so very much! And don't forget to Testify! Invite people to church! And read the Book of Mormon! Regain or Strengthen that testimony that you have!
Elder DeFreese
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1 & 2. Gambinos Pizza! Sweet!!!
3.Elder Wadsworth (Shortest) Elder Cowdin, And Myself just before transfers
4. On the bus, with my stunna shades on!!
5. Elder Kempter... my SON!
6. Relaxin' In Independence!



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