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November 5, 2012
Hello everyone!
It's been a whole nother week! Crazy right? Not really, it's all the same here at the MTC, lots of class, lots of teaching and lots of eating! Again, the pictures won't load up to these computers so I guess for now I'm just going to try to load up some photos next P-Day when I'm in Missouri! Other than that I guess I'll have to send my SD card when I fill it. So hopefully that works out well. Can I just send it in an envelope or does it have to be in a package? So this week I wrote down a couple things that I thought I should mention. Hopefully this system works out well. First on my list is Come Thou Fount. As a district we sang that for our last Sunday devotional. Would you believe that I was the most powerful singer there? At least, that's what everyone told me. I'm thinking about singing that when I get home. So yeah, I actually sing here. It's different though, when it's our district I feel comfortable really singing loud/proudly. But when it's in a big congregation I feel more self conscious so I just sing quieter. But I sing! Weird right? Haha, but yeah, Come Thou Fount is probably my favorite song/hymn. Even though it's not in the hymn book anymore! But that was probably one of the most powerful experiences I've had here. The spirit was really strong while we sang that, it was AWESOME!!! Next is the package I got most recently, with the Vanilla Coke and Dart guns! Those guns are a huge hit over here, everyone loves messing around with em! Way fun! Thanks so much, that really brightened everyone's day! The coke is crazy delicious, I really missed that. I have... 5 cans left? Yeah, I'm trying to drink all of it before I leave because I don't want to pack it. That would more than likely explode all over everything! Also this week Elder Norton and myself got to teach a lesson on repentance. He had the visual side of things and I had the discussion part of it. It was going really well, everyone was into it, and with about 5 minutes left I was starting to bear my testimony. The spirit was strong in the room, and just as I was starting, Pres. Whetten (branch president) cut me off to tell me to stop. So the lesson was pretty much ruined after that. But it's ok, I think everyone got something out of it. Elder Norton is... really slow. We are late to almost everything! He seems kind of oblivious to what's going on around him. Like when we're leaving the class room it takes him about 5 extra minutes to get everything prepped to go to our next class/appointment. But it's ok, he has an amazing knowledge and testimony of the Gospel, and I appreciate and love him for sure. HOWEVER, sometimes he's really fast at getting ready and he loses me! Like on Friday for in-field orientation (I'll talk about that in a second) right after a lesson/class, he left immediately without waiting up for me. I knew where to go though, and I knew where he would be. So I got to the next room and lo and behold, he was standing on the stage looking for me! If that's not enough, get this. I walk right up to him, make eye contact with Elder Norton, and motion to sit down. Somehow he doesn't really see me, and he goes outside to look for me! So I finally catch up to him and he says, "Oh there you are! I've been looking all over for you!" But it made a good memory, I love this guy. As far as what In Field Orientation is, it's basically training on stuff that we haven't really gone over. So that was definitely helpful, for the most part we went over a lot of different ways to contact people besides tracting. Like different locations, settings, all that stuff. And we practiced the Baptismal interview as well. So for the most part In Field orientation is basically just training in all of the stuff besides teaching. But It went really well. Brother Glazier was the head of the whole thing! I'm not sure if he talked to Mom or Dad yet, but he saw me and we talked a little bit. It was way cool to see someone from Springville! Anyways, I'm not sure what else to write, that's everything that was on my list. OH! So I'm leaving for Missouri Wednesday, my flight leaves at 9:50 AM, but we are probably going to be getting there around 7 ish, so mom its possible that I will see you. Just a heads up, the most I can do as a missionary is give you a quick handshake and walk away. So to save us time, If I see you first I'm honestly going to turn and walk the other direction. I don't want to make things harder on you. I'm going to be giving you a call either when I land or before I take off, I'm not sure when yet. So yeah, I'm leaving pretty soon! Anything else? I have no idea, I can't really think. I'm writing from in the laundry room again. There's a bunch of computers close to the machines, so once you get your stuff in a machine you can hurry and write. The cycles are about 35 minutes so it works pretty good. But it's also really distracting. Oh well! It's simple and easy. Uhhh... I didn't win the Dear Elder contest! It's 6 in one day, and I got 5! So we've still got time! Send me some dear elders please! I really need em! Anyways, I love you all and I hope to hear from all of you real soon!
Elder DeFreese

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