Monday, December 17, 2012

Holy Moses!!!

Dec. 17, 2012
What's up everybody!?
Another week come and gone already!?!??? Hahaha, it's crazy! Although I can't help but keep looking at the bigger picture and saying to myself "I have a looooooooong ways to go still!" Haha, but it's all good. Just take it week by week, and it's going pretty quick when I'm able to focus! So let's get started! Haha

Just one week 'til Christmas! That's definitely exciting, i'm interested to see just how Christmas is done for missionaries out here. It's gonna be sweet for sure! And only 4 weeks until Breanne is gonna pop? That's crazy!!!!! And so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures!

So mom mentioned the RLDS and I can't remember what I said last time to be honest. But there's some other things that I think I missed. The must frustrating thing that I've run into with them is that they ALL believe that "we're on the same page" or that we believe the same things. And when they have that mentality, they aren't willing or open to accept the TRUE gospel into their lives. So they make for some TOUGH investigators. We just got a new couple that we are teaching. We found them just a few weeks ago, I think I mentioned it? Manuel bought Elder Stephens and I lunch at McDonalds. But they haven't been free until just 2 days ago. So we're teaching them a little bit right now. It's very tough because they just want to talk about the similarities between our religions. I tried asking some inspired questions but they seemed like they weren't interested too much in talking about OUR side of the gospel. So we'll see if we can get somewhere with them.

We also found 4 new investigators this week, so the Lord has definitely blessed us! Hopefully now we can do our part, and teach them the way He would want us to. But we took them to the visitors center on Saturday, and they were all REALLY interested. We took them through God's plan for the family. It's a short presentation, about 15 minutes. But anyways, it was a super good lesson, we plan on seeing them again real soon!

So the people want to know if I ever serve on the visitors center grounds? I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but let me see if I can make it clear. As far as I know the only people that take people through the presentations are the Sister Missionaries. They train for that for a long time, because I guess there's some memorizations required. And the only other people that serve IN the visitors center are the Senior couples. However, we can bring in as many investigators as we want, and come through the presentations with them to answer questions. But as far as like... working at the visitors center? We don't do that. So I hope that helps you guys! I probably should have mentioned that huh?

LETTERS!!! Holy Moses! I got 6 letters on Saturday!!!!! 6!?!?!? Way to go! Hopefully you guys can keep that up eh? Hahaha, just kidding. But I REALLY appreciate it! I love all you guys! I'm going to write back just as soon as I can ok? That was sweet. Let's try and keep that going! I need all of your encouragement! It really helps me out! Thank you guys so much!

OH! One last thing, I met Elder Walker just yesterday. He trained my MTC comp. Elder Norton! It was definitely great catching up with him, and talking about good ol' Elder Norton. It was awesome! We got the chance to work with him too, he leaves tomorrow so he was just with us for a day. But that was a super cool experience, he's a great guy, and a great missionary too!

Uhm.... lets see... I think that's all that I wanted to share with you guys. I sure hope that's enough info to keep you going for the week! And if not, please feel free to write me! That way I'll know what more I can say!

I love you all!
Elder DeFreese
P.S. Let's keep that challenge going ok? Invite someone to church this week! Bring someone that Christmas spirit!

Me and Elder White, he dies this week. (goes home)
Sweet car we saw outside of Wendy's!

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