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November 12, 2012
Hello from Missouri!
Crazy stuff! I guess I'll start with the plane eh? Our plane was very small, only like 50 people or so? Maybe not 50... I dunno maybe 30? Anyways, really small plane. They tried to seat the missionaries next to someone who wasn't a missionary which makes sense, but I was seated next to a man named Jim, he has a company here in Missouri and he was coming for a business meeting. I talked to him for a little while and he didn't really seem to interested, but since I had to wake up at 4:45 that morning I really felt like I needed a nap. So I put my head on the wall and I fell asleep for a good hour or so. When I woke up, Jim was taking a nap too, I had planned on talking to him a little about our church and stuff but I didn't want to wake him up. He did wake up a few minutes later though, and he immediately started asking me questions! I did my best to answer them, he was asking mostly about missionary work. He is a member of the Baptist church I think? But he really knew the bible, and we talked a bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Way cool guy, but I told him that I would pray for his business meeting and hope that it went well and everything and I wished him well. As we were leaving I gave him a pass along card about the site, and invited him to go to it to learn more. He seemed pretty interested in that, and I hope that he went to it. After that the day was mostly uneventful, We went to some places but we didn't really stay long. We went to the temple, and took some pictures and ate lunch, but we didn't really do much there. Afterwards we went to the Liberty Jail, very spiritual place, but again, we didn't stay too long. Then we went to the Mission home and kinda got settled in and ate dinner and had a meeting. We each met with the president after taking some more pictures, and in my meeting with him he told me about my comp./trainer (Elder Hayes) and he sounded like a really cool guy. Then he told me that I would be just across the street from the mission office! So my area is Independence Missouri, very cool!
So lets see... shall we talk about Elder Hayes? OK! haha, He's awesome! Elder Hayes is from Bountiful Utah, and he played football and baseball for them. So he's a sports guy, which I am SO thankful for! Also he's really sarcastic and really funny, so we are working very well together. We haven't taught too many lessons yet, but that's OK. This area is kinda hard with the Community of Christ church and everyone like that. Not too many people really accept us. But that's OK! Elder Hayes and I are getting along great, we're working hard and loving it! Lets see... The people. Well we hang out with Kip a lot, he's a less active member who works at the car wash down here, and he drives us places if it's too cold or far for our bikes. (yeah I'm in a bike area!) He's really cool though, we do a lot of service with him, and we got him to church just yesterday! So hopefully we can keep him coming. We have dinners pretty much covered in this area, the people are really helpful and generous as far as dinners go. So don't worry about me eating! We taught a family... I forget their last name! But anyways, the son (Kenny) is a member, although he has downs syndrome (spelling right? NO CLUE!) Anyways, he's way cool, but for the most part we just do some service for them, the family isn't home much and Kenny gets pretty lonely. So we shoot hoops with him for a while and then teach a quick lesson. We also taught Andy just yesterday before dinner. He really believes in the gospel but he's having a hard time because he just had back surgery and he's been in rehab for about 6 months, but he's going back to work today! His wife is also really nice, but she doesn't want anything to do with the gospel. So it's tough because Andy wont commit to anything because he doesn't want to ruin his marriage. So we'll be working with him on that. We taught Jeff as well, that was after dinner last night. He is an RLDS member, and he has a lot of knowledge about the scriptures. So he believes most everything that we do, but we are working with him as best we can. A very cool experience though, Elder Hayes and myself were in Priesthood meeting and the Bishop (Bishop OLSEN! Cool right??!) Anyways, Bishop Olsen asked us about an investigator that we were teaching. Both of us immediately said Jeff at the same time, and the Bishop had everyone write down his name, and include him in their prayers! Cool experience right?! The spirit workin on us already! So hopefully he lets the spirit work on him as well. After that we went over to the McDaniel's family and we gave the daughter Carli a blessing, she has been having a problem with her ear, she had surgery on it but it's still bothering her. We gave her a blessing and she got really quiet, you could tell the spirit was working on her, and she could feel it. We all could! But that was really cool. So that's about our investigators so far!
My first day here in the field, I had to buy all my sheets and pillow and stuff, and yes mom, I had enough money! Still do! But I bought all that, as well as some food. But other than that the first day (with Elder Hayes I mean) was really uneventful, we went and bought stuff that I'll need, and before I knew it, it was time for bed! But we've been working really hard, trying to get stuff done! I'm so mad though! Today being a holiday, most places were closed so we were going to have to write tomorrow instead. But we found a place that's open and everyone wanted to write, so here I am. The reason I'm mad is because I left the cord that would connect my camera to the computer! Sorry about that! So unfortunately again, no pictures. Sorry everyone! But I'll get them as SOON AS I CAN!
So what's going on with everyone!? How's Braden? What's going on in school and everything? Dad, keep up the sports input, I love it! How's work for you dad? Mom! I sure hope that your trip has been great, and I hope work isn't too hectic when you get back to it! Jason and your family, how's the house? How's Hailey and Jack? Sean and Fam! What's up with you guys!? And Bre and Drew, how was the anniversary? I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever! I'm sure missing you guys! So I realize that you guys probably don't have my address huh? Well let me just get that for ya! I gotta hear from you guys!!! Especially Alex, I haven't heard from you in way too long! So here it is, 517 W Walnut St. independence Missouri 64050. So what questions do you guys have? I hope I filled you in enough, I'm sure mom will write me another book of questions real soon though! Haha, I sure hope to hear from you guys real soon! Keep me in the loop and I'll try to do the same! I love you all and I hope all is well with you guys!
Elder DeFreese

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