Monday, December 10, 2012

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!​???

Dec. 3, 2012
Hey everyone!
I know not everyone will get the title, but I used to say it very, VERY often. Haha! So I'm a little upset because I wrote down a bunch of stuff that I wanted to talk about but I forgot it back at the apartment. Shoot! So I'll go through my moms e-mail, respond to some stuff and hopefully I'll remember most of what I wanted to cover.
Mom asked if I play sports here more than I did at home. Well... back home just before I left I was playing basketball a good hour or two per day so the answer would be no. We play sports every P-Day, and then if we're lucky there's a special occasion in the week that the mission pres. allows us to play. The Turkey Bowl being one of them. But we do play a lot of sports on P-day! Probably a good 4 hours worth of playing. Basketball here.... lately it's been kind of a joke. Sometimes the Polynesians come and play with us, but lately they haven't. So it's just been the elders. Some of them don't really play very hard, and a lot of them don't play to win, they play for fun. And those of you that remember playing with me, I play to win! So it's a little frustrating at times, but I really do enjoy playing anyways. I just have to tell myself that it doesn't matter! But it's basketball, so it matters more to me than it does to them. Anyways, I love it regardless of how much we play, or how hard we play. It's super fun!
Hows Elder Nelson out in Taiwan?! Last I heard he was doing pretty great, I wish that I could hear from him more often! But I know this will get to him somehow so... Elder Nelson keep up the good work! And don't forget who you are, or who your best pal is! I love you man!
Sorry everyone else, had to do it! haha,OH! Fast and Testimony meeting was SICK!!!!! WOOH! I'm sorry to say, but it feels like I'm getting a little ashamed of my home ward. But this fast and testimony meeting was so awesome! Bro. Orr (2nd counselor bishopric) said the time was theirs til 5 after the hour. And the second he said Amen, 20 people shot up! They got in line, and all those people filled the remaining time! Each individual person had a very strong testimony, and great stories too! so to explain why I'm a little ashamed of our ward I would just like to say this. I KNOW each of you has a strong testimony, just like Independence 3rd ward out here. And when that fast and testimony meeting comes? Don't be afraid to get up there and share what you know! What can it hurt? Anyways, I hope some of you take that message and remember it next fast and testimony meeting.
Oh yeah! Another thing I need to talk about is the exchanges that we just went on! Well... not just barely, but it was Wednesday. What an exchange is, is one missionary companionship such as mine, and the Zone Leaders (or assistants to the pres.) Will switch companionships for 24 hours. So I stayed here in the Independence zone, while Elder Hayes went to Blue Springs. I got paired with Elder Stephens, who is about 6 foot 4? Ish. haha, he's a super cool, way nice guy. He's been out about... 14 months? So yeah, he's awesome. We did a lot of tracting, and contacting, and laughing. Haha, it was super fun. We got 2 new investigators. 1 is Manuel, a strong believer in his faith, but willing to listen to our message. We won't be able to meet with him for 2 more weeks though. He's out of town. And then Beckie, she is super cool, late 20's with an RLDS background. Anyways, the exchanges went really well and I'll try to send some pictures from it in a sec.
Another week come and gone! I miss all of you, and I really hope to hear from you guys soon. How is Shawn Bulow doing? Haven't heard from that guy in a while. Miss him! Please don't be afraid to write me! I promise I'll write you back, it might take a while, but I will! Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon, and I love you all!
Elder DeFreese

Just doing my studies.

Merry Christmas!!!

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