Monday, December 10, 2012

Come ON!!!!!!

November 19, 2012
Hey everyone!
Well lets see... I'm gonna try to do this the best way that I can remember. I forgot my journal so I just have to go off memory. But lets see... I can't remember specifics really but I'll do my best. As far as our investigators and less actives are going, it's going fairly well! Kip (less active) has come to church now twice in a row! So we are definitely excited about that, hopefully we can keep that going. However, none of our investigators came to church, so we are kind of bummed about that. Oh well, we'll work with them on that. Another less active, Kenny (I told you about him right?) anyways, he's doing pretty good. Last we talked to him his girlfriend had broken up with him so he was a bit torn up. We played basketball and catch with him and he really seemed to appreciate it. His mom does too, for the most part it's just the two of them home all the time, so she could use a break sometimes.
There's the McCaslin family! (Paul... did I talk about him last time?) Anyways, they are doing much better than last time. He's one of those guys who could talk for hours and hours about anything at all, and we barely get a word in edgewise. But this time his wife was there, which is a huge help. She tells him to shut up all the time, because he has a lot of questions and she says, "How do you expect them to answer when you just keep talking??" But she's awesome. I feel like if Paul wasn't there she would be right close to baptism! But we're working with them a lot. Paul has a lot of questions about either really small details of the gospel, or super like... deep doctrinal questions. But I feel really good about him.
Jeff is also doing well, last we taught him was on Sunday, I'm not sure what I said about him. Anyways, we have talked to him a little since then, he's really busy so we can't have set up meetings all the time, so we call him sometimes. But he sounds like he's doing really good. He has a genuine desire to just know the truth, and we have it! I hope he can get his answer soon, I think once he gets that answer, he'll be baptized in no time!
Andy is also doing well! Last time we had a chance to talk to him he was getting back into working and everything, and he was happy about that. But he's worried that if he goes any further with the Gospel that his wife will not like it, and they'll move apart. But we're going to try to teach him soon, and hopefully calm those fears. He's a super nice guy, and I believe that he has a strong faith in Joseph Smith and the gospel and all that. He's a very awesome guy!
Hm... OH! Hahahaha... the McDaniel family. Awesome family, they are a part member family. But they are way nice, and super awesome. We go over there a lot, and kind of hang out and teach lessons, they seem to be pretty receptive. They just need to take that step to come to church. We are working on that. But anyways, I'm pretty sure that the girl Carli (we gave her a blessing last week, did I talk about that?) anyways, I'm pretty sure she has a crush on either Elder Hayes, or both of us! Haha, it's kind of weird, she messes with us a lot, and she tries to sit as close as she can to us. I try to like stand up and walk over to a different spot but she keeps messing with us and stuff. Oh well, she's a good person and everything. She'll get over it! Haha, but me and Elder Hayes joke about it all the time, but I'm pretty sure she likes him more. Haha, funny stuff!
We had zone conference this past week! Not at all what I expected! Haha, but whatever works I guess! It was super cool, lots of talks and lessons, food! It was a super spiritual experience and now we are all pumped! I can't wait to get back out there! I saw a couple of the elders back from the MTC there! Elders Johnson, and Brady. Way cool, great guys! But they're doing super good, and they're very excited to continue the work.
I don't really know what else to say... I guess I'll just load a couple of pictures now and call it good? Oh wait, this Thanksgiving we have a dinner appointment with a Polynesian family, so we aren't going to make any other plans. They feed us SO GOOD!!!! It's awesome! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about Kapono! He's a super cool, soon to be missionary. He's a Polynesian kid, 20 years old. He comes from a less active family but he's made the commitment already to serve the Lord. He can't turn in his papers til January, but we are all psyched for him! I can't wait to see where he's going. He's also a part of the family that's going to be feeding us on Thanksgiving, so that's cool. He comes with us sometimes when we teach too, and he's got such a great understanding and knowledge of the Gospel already! It's crazy! But anyways, that's all I can think of. I haven't received many letters yet, send em in! You know you want to! Haha, but those of you who have sent me something, thank you so much! I really appreciate and look forward to hearing from all of you! Hope to hear from you soon!
Elder DeFreese
So here's some pictures... ok maybe not. I'm so sorry! The Library here has a block on all USB stuff, so... I'm going to try to figure that out for the rest of the time that I have, but it's not looking good. I really wish there was something I could do! Anyways, I'll try my best to get those pictures to you guys soon somehow...

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