Monday, April 28, 2014


April 28, 2014
So.............. I'm 21 now. Haha, it's weird.
Hello and welcome to another Edition of........... oh. guess it's not an edition per se, welcome to another e-mail? That just sounds boring.
So this week was pretty good!
The highlights were Exchanges and my birthday!
So I went on Exchanges with Elder Stum on Friday and we went to his area to work (Glen Hills ward). It was AWESOME! We had a great time, lots of fun and lots of working! We taught something like 15 lessons total and we were just go, go, go all day! It was sooo cool! Elder Stum is awesome, he's a hard worker and he's fun while working hard! You don't find that too often. He can make realistic gun noises with his mouth and we had fun like, miming battles in between doors, it was great. Good times! I learned a lot from him though, and I hope he learned something from me!
My Birthday was great! I opened my package from the family the night before so that Elder Blaylock could read his instructions and accomplish them as well. And then I got carried away and tore into the rest of the package :) It contained various items of the material nature that were very pleasing unto mine eyes. Also! We went to visit a member really quickly and they found out that it was my birthday, so they said, "well what do you want!?" So we talked about ties and food, and whatever else I might fancy. Then we actually went to a store right next to them so that I could purchase a birthday tie for myself, with money that was given to me by my brethren, and we saw them there! I had been eying a few watches, not necessarily because I need one, but because I saw some real good ones. And they decided that since I was buying a tie, they'd get me the watch that I wanted! However, they decided to make it a secret, and doorbell ditched us at 9:30 or so! They're awesome!!!!!!
Transfers is this week and I just found out that Elder Blaylock is leaving! So I'm going to be with Elder Dickson, never met him, never even heard of him..... so we'll see how this goes!
Love you all, hope to talk to you real soon!
Elder DeFreese
1. Me with former Elder Taylor! (He came to visit the mission)
2. My Birthday!!!!!
3. Ever Been to Norwich? I have!


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