Tuesday, April 8, 2014


April 7, 2014
Before I get to the clear highlight of every missionary on the planet, let's talk about how this past week has gone!
So on Tuesday, we had a special meeting specifically for the District Leaders in the mission. So I hopped in the car with Elder Blaylock and made the arduous journey (of about 10 minutes) to the mission office. We went from 1 in the afternoon 'til about 4:30. Basically we talked all about how to be leaders in the mission. We all learned a lot and had some great discussions on how to be better. It was great!
Later that day we saw Nam! ..... we'll talk about him later, because we kind of visit with him a bunch :)
On Wednesday we did a lot of finding, with little to no success. BUT we had planned a nice dinner with the Favres and a non-member friend of Sister Favre! We got there a bit early to help them prep, because it was going to be a pretty fancy meal, and just before Sister Favre left, she called to cancel because she was sick! :( Continuing undaunted, we partook of the bounteous feast. It was great! But it also sucked a bit because we didn't get to meet this friend.
Anyways! On Thursday we had a TON of finding opportunities with potentials and tracting and all sorts of good stuff. Then we went over to a less actives home for dinner! It was some of the best home made pizza that I have ever had! (...excluding my moms of course!)
After that we had a team up set with Brother Bain, and we went to visit Edwin, a new investigator who..... wasn't there. :( But we'll be trying him again! Then we went to see Nam again, and we'll talk about him later still :)
Friday we had a Zone Training, which went for 4 hours or so. Afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder Knight! I forget where particularly, but he's from somewhere in Utah. He's a great missionary! Lots of potential! We had planned to go out and find some New Investigators, but we were thrown into a service project, Oscar and his wife were moving into the apartment complex that we are in. So we did that up until dinner time!
Unfortunately, we had to help some other missionaries take care of their clothes. They have a massive infestation of Bed Bugs in their apartment, so we got to clean all of their stuff in our apartment.
Then conference came!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NAM WAS THERE!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! He came to 3 of the 4 sessions, and he had a great time. He asked us to get him a DVD of conference and a CD of the Book of Mormon. He's doing so well! And he'll be ready by the 26th for sure! :) So exciting! Love this guy!
My favorite talk was by Elder Oaks. And I'm going to say no more than that. :) If you would like to talk about it with me, shoot me a letter or e-mail and I'd love to!
I love you all, and I sincerely pray that each of you will seek missionary opportunities in the coming weeks and months. As Elder Bednar has said, "Let us ACT as AGENTS, not sit and be OBJECTS"
Love you all, talk to you soon!
Elder DeFreese 

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