Monday, July 29, 2013


July 29, 2013

This subject line is more because of last weeks general e-mail. I didn't get a whole lot of responses concerning Home Teaching. So I'm assuming that you ALL used your time wisely and got out there and got it done. Thanks :)
Anyways, I'm sure some of you are wondering and MAYBE even worried about my knees and everything. I will tell you that I have been stuck in the apartment all this past week on bed rest, so that I don't hurt my knees worse than they already are. I have to stay in the apartment even still, because my Doctors appointment isn't until Thursday. So, that's the update as of right now. 

So this past week has been really slow obviously, so if you're expecting a long e-mail I'm sorry, because we weren't able to go out and have any experiences.
But I can tell you that we were in the apartment this whole time, studying, cleaning, and basically just trying to stay sane. There's only so much work you can do from the apartment. I hope that this coming week we can do a little bit more, but I don't really know what all to do. We have been talking as a companionship and we have compiled a list of 17 things to do, and we have accomplished somewhere around 15 of them already. So this coming week could be jam packed with study time! 

Again, I'm sorry that this e-mail is short. I wish there was something cool that I could talk about, to entertain you folks back home for a little while. But that's about all I got.
Make sure to keep up the challenges, and do what the Savior would have you do. Remember, He has commanded us to teach each other, part of that is coming to church to be taught, another part is baring testimony to others, and another part is reading your scriptures, to let the prophets of old teach you as well. Please, please, just DO IT! This is what we have been commanded to do, and there is no excuse on this planet that gives you the ability to disregard it completely. I honestly don't care what is happening in your life, the Lord WILL provide a way to accomplish the things that he has commanded us. So don't ever tell yourself that you're just too busy to read your scriptures, to go to church, any of that. You aren't too busy, I promise. 

I will also make you another promise, the Lord will bless you immeasurably  for your obedience to His commandments. Remember that he has said that he is bound when we do what he says, and that obedience to these commandments is the ONLY way to receive blessings. D&C 130:20-21. Don't forget that, no matter what, keep the commandments. The Lord will back you, so it shouldn't matter who stands in your way, because you have Him at your side. Don't lose faith, press on, and you can do it.

I love you all,
Elder DeFreese

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