Monday, July 1, 2013

Holy Moses!

July 1, 2013

Holy Moses is probably my most frequented subject line. However, I think it's important that we recognize that it's fun to say!
So... this past week I didn't write down any high points to cover so I'm just going through my planner trying to find some of the highlights. So if this ones a bit boring... well... then you don't appreciate missionary work :) I'm just kidding, this past week was a bit rough as far as the "numbers" go.
Anyways, on Monday we were able to get some service done for our Recent Convert Diane Milhomme, with our Recent Convert, Michael Harris, and his family! It was great! We had a lot of fun, and we got a bunch of work done in her garden. It was a great time, and it was cool to see how readily they got out and got to work! Even though it was weeding... and I hate weeding with a passion. But we still made it fun, and we got a lot done! :)
Then on Tuesday morning we got some more service done for a Less Active family in our branch, we did a ton of yard work for them. I mowed their big lawn while Elder Kempter edged it. It was really fun, I like to mow actually, it's nice to see the finished product.
On Wednesday we had team ups with a few of our Branch members and I went with Bro. Matthews to meet with Mark and his family, Mark is on date for the 14th of July if I'm remembering right... but anyways. He's doing really well and we had a great lesson with them! He's got a few W.O.W. issues that he's working out, but other than that he's doing really well, and we're excited for him!
On Thursday we had dinner with a recently activated family, the Russels, they have a few grand-kids who are very less active and we taught them about the priesthood, they got more and more involved as we got more into the lesson, and they even came to church yesterday! It was awesome, we're making some progress with them, and we're very happy about it, it's awesome!
On Friday we had our District Meeting and I gave a training on our Personal and our Companionship studies. One key point that I think is important is that we share EVERYTHING that we have learned with those that we know. Even if those things seem trivial to you, it just may be that the other person doesn't know about it, or, even if they do, the conversation could lead on to help you learn 3 or 4 OTHER new things. So keep that in mind, share what you learn when you study, it helps you learn even more.
After District Meeting we went on exchanges, I went with Elder Hamblin (Who is from... I can't spell it but I'll try... issikwa Washington) Anyways, I went with him to Salina where we had several Baptismal Interviews set up, I interviewed a little girl, Selena, and her dad, Sam. They're awesome!!! They were baptized on Saturday and it went really well. Good stuff :)
Anyways, other than that.. this week was really slow.
Elder Kempter and I have been getting dropped left and right all week, as well as last week. It's been a rough time. But it's alright, we're still out here working hard!
Remember to keep going with those challenges of mine! Invite someone to church, this week could be the week! Read your scriptures! And BEAR TESTIMONY!!!!!!!! You can do it, I know you can.
Elder DeFreese
1. The monster sandwich!
2. Elder Hamblin and I after exchanges :)

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