Monday, June 24, 2013


June 24, 2013
For those of you who are wondering about the subject line, let me just say this. If you have ever seen any of the MIB movies, you would know that Tommy Lee Jones is a representative of the letter K. However, my usage of the letter is merely a representation of conversations frequently had between Elder Kempter and Myself. These bouts of the tongue are often finished when I use such a word. As Elder Kempter puts it, "Best conversation ender ever!"
Hahahahahaha, I hope that made at least one of you laugh. Because I did!
Anyways, this week has been a big one!
On Monday evening, we left for Salina, where we met up with the other Elders in my district. We had a few hours left of P-Day so we went and played some Basketball and Baseball, it was pretty sunny out so I got a bit of sun, it was enjoyable!
Then, we came back, got dressed, and headed out for Wichita Kansas! It was a LONG car ride over, but we made it with a bit of time to spare, so we went and had lunch at Taco Bell, where I got 3 Cheesy Gordita Crunches, and a small drink. We then went over to the Wichita Elders home, to stay the night. Before bed we had a few hours still, so we played a "quick" game of Risk! I was able to thwart any and all advances upon my armies, and therefore became the victor. I'm good at Risk.
After a long, dreary night wherewith I wrestled about 4 hours of sleep from my anxious body, we went to the Wichita building, where we met with all of the missionaries who are going to be in the Kansas Wichita mission with us, President and Sister Keyes were there as well. We saw the new Mission Home, the new Mission Office, and then got on the bus and on the way to the Temple!
After the very long bus ride, we arrived! All of the missionaries were assigned what to do in the Temple, as we were doing all of the Temple's work for the day. So, Elder Kempter, Myself, and a bunch of other missionaries went and did a session. It was amazing, I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I did with all of my fellow servants as we were at the house of the Lord. It's just indescribable. I recommend it. :) I saw 2 temple workers there that I knew from my ward back in Independence as well! Brother Christiansen, and Brother Ellibee. They're awesome! I got to catch up with them for just a few minutes. It was great!
After this, we went to the church building just right across the street, where we had a bit of a meeting, where President and Sister Keyes had to say goodbye to us. It was a very tender moment, one that I will never forget. We got to talk to them for just a few precious seconds, and then we got back on the bus, headed back to Salina so that we could get back to work. So now, with us in the Kansas Wichita mission, we have a brand new Mission staff, and a brand new Mission Home, and everything! It's exciting!
Without going into too much detail, as far as the missionary work this week goes... it was a bit disappointing. We got dropped by almost all of our investigators. BUT that's OK, you know why? Because we're still missionaries! We still get to go out and find people who ARE interested in the gospel! It's great! Just because one person stops, that pushes us that much harder to work! I know that it seems real discouraging, but I know of no other work that is more satisfying than this work. That is because this is the Lords work, and he has entrusted me with this particular portion of it. I'm so grateful for this opportunity.
With that being said. I feel impressed to share with those who are reading this, just a little bit about before my mission. This is mainly directed to those who are entering into the age where "missionary" is a scary thought. To those who aren't sure, or perhaps who have already made that decision.
This move that you are to make, is one that THOUSANDS have already made. Whether for or against going on a mission. Let me tell you about myself, before I left, I felt very angry. Nobody cared what I wanted to do, they just wanted me to go on a mission. They never asked if I wanted to go or not, they just assumed I would. This made me mad. I also had some serious concerns that I had to take to the Bishop to even think about going on a mission. This also discouraged me. I had always known that I should go, even if I didn't want to admit it. But this decision looms in front of all of you reading this. Before I left I was going through a lot of trials and struggles, things that were of my own doing. However, as the time got closer and closer for me to make that decision, I felt somehow cheated. I felt like I hadn't been prepared well enough. I felt somehow, that my leaders, my friends, and even my parents, hadn't done what was best for me. I felt that my life was in shambles because they hadn't helped me enough. If this is anything as to what you're feeling, I ask you, are you really upset at your parents? Or are you just upset that you KNOW what you're supposed to do, and yet time and time again you're making decisions that you know you shouldn't? That's how it was for me, my leaders, friends, and parents ALL taught me exactly what I needed. In this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we teach correct principles, and the people govern themselves. To those of you who are trying to make that decision to go on a mission... what's holding you back? Why are you really afraid? Is it because you have some baggage that you have to get rid of? Is it because you don't have a testimony? Or is it for something trivial, and stupid, like money? Do you not realize that God and his son Jesus Christ are ALL powerful? Do you not realize that all of the Prophets have always encouraged youth to serve missions? So what's really holding you back? Surely the Lord will provide forgiveness where it is needed, money for the poor, clothing for the naked. Surely the Lord can help YOU.
For me, there is no reason why a mission is something that anyone can't do. It's very simple. You who have decided not to go on a mission, I love you unconditionally. But honestly, I am disappointed. I don't care who you are, the Lord wants YOU to be a missionary. And he's waiting for you to make that decision. Don't let that decision looming ahead of you come upon you unawares, meet it head on. This decision is huge, I won't deny it. Sometimes worthiness is an issue, sometimes it's a testimony, whatever it is, the ONLY thing that can seriously hold you back is yourself. It does not matter your background, it does not matter how you feel right now, God is unchangeable. He will ALWAYS want you, and he will ALWAYS love you. Make the decision to serve a mission NOW. Don't hesitate, it will be the best decision of your life, I can promise you that. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder DeFreese
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