Monday, June 10, 2013

Who's ta say? Who's ta know?

So..... this subject line is something that I used to say a lot to my Dad! Shout out to my pops, hope you're good, and I love ya!
Anyways, this past week has been a pretty good one!
The first thing really exciting that happened this week, which is probably the highlight of the whole week really, is this.
On Tuesday after a long day of work, we came home and got a voice mail from the Mission President to the whole Mission. What he said was because of the mission split, we have received special permission to go to the Temple, on the 18th of this month! All of the missionaries who are in the new Mission will go on that day, and everyone from the Missouri Independence Mission, will go later. How AWESOME is that!?!?!?? It's super exciting! I'm so happy, and I've been hoping to go to the temple again! Boo yah!!!!!! :)
On Wednesday we had some real good team-ups with our members here. Elder Kempter went with our Elders quorum President, and I went with our the Bishops Secretary. It went really well! Elder Kempter had a lot of success, 4 new investigators and a bunch of return appointments. As for Bro. Lucky and myself, we had more Less Active work, and that went real well also. Hopefully those members will remember the spirit that was there, and want to come back to church.
On Friday I had to lead my first District Meeting! It wasn't bad to be honest, I could have done a lot better. But we focused on our purpose as a missionary, and what makes us successful missionaries. If any of you have a Preach My Gospel, I would strongly encourage you to read chapter 1. It applies to EVERY member. Wanna know why? President David O. McKay said very specifically that EVERY member is a missionary! So... Preach My Gospel isn't just for us full-time missionaries, it's for all of you back home! So please read it. But my favorite part is that it tells us not to compare our efforts to others. And I think that really has helped me in my life. Our success is not determined by what we can physically see as "Success" it is determined by our commitment to serve the Lord, in whatever capacity we can. If we do our best, we are JUST as successful as the missionary who baptized 93, even if we got big fat zero. That DOES NOT MATTER. If you understand Preach My Gospel, and the Scriptures, then you understand that the numbers don't matter at all. It's all based on your own personal commitment to serve, and if you have done your best, how can the Lord condemn you for it? Answer: He won't. He loves us, and he KNOWS EVERYTHING. Don't forget that.
Anyways, that about does it for this week!
I hope and pray that all of you are safe, and doing well.
Have I mentioned my challenges recently? Everyone! Remember! 1.Read your scriptures! 2. Bear Testimony! 3. Invite someone to church!
The Lord will bless you, I can promise you that. Don't be afraid, don't wait for tomorrow. Because, "Tomorrow never comes"
Elder DeFreese

1. BOOM! Look at that tie!
2. You jealous? (Home made burger, with Monterrey cheddar, White American cheese, bacon, lettuce, Ranch, Ketchup, and lots of love!)
3. Ooooh.... a Nova!
4. How 'bout that tie? :)


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