Monday, February 4, 2013

My Mission Review

February 4, 2013
Well it seems as though this weeks winner is my very own Grandma Odekirk!  So I suppose My Mission Review for this week is as follows:
Transfers was this past week and I got a new companion, and stayed in the same area! So that's way exciting! 3 companions, 3 transfers! Haha, but my new companion is Elder Cowdin, he is a super cool missionary, and he's a great person too. He used to be a Zone Leader in Olathe and now he's the District Leader here! So i'm super excited to be working with him, and so far we are busy non-stop! I'm way happy about that, the last little while has been a bit more relaxed than I like and so it's really good to have a companion like him. But we also got another companion, so we are now in a tripanionship! It's way cool, the other Elder is Elder Wadsworth, and he is a visa waiter, going to Brazil! So he's going to be with us until that visa comes in. He's a great guy, from Idaho, and he just came out from the MTC! So Elder Cowdin and I are training him basically. It's definitely a different situation. But we are loving it!
So other than that, this week has been kind of uneventful. BUT we had a sweet experience last night! We had just gotten Elder Wadsworth from the Assistants and we immediately went to work! We went and tracted in some apartments and we found a very cool lady, Tanya. She has a firm belief in God and Jesus Christ, and she has had a very difficult past. But she hasn't lost her faith one bit. She lost her son, a 3 month old to infection a little over a year ago. Which definitely still stings. And she lost her husband in an accident. But she still has that strong faith that keeps her going. So we taught her the restoration, and about the Book of Mormon, and she was totally receptive to it! It was super awesome! As we were talking, we felt the impression to invite her to be baptized, and she accepted! We could definitely feel the spirit working on her through us, and we set her on a baptismal date for the 9th of March I believe, so we still have a little ways to go, but we are working on her for sure. We also invited her to the visitors center and she accepted that of course, so we will be seeing her on Wednesday.
We also had an experience with a lady who is a numerologist (or, she believes in numerology) So I just want to see what somebody can find on that, and tell me about it!
Anyways, I know i'm here for a reason. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that only through him can we be saved! I know this to be true, and I share that with all of you! Make sure you invite people to church this week, ok!? I love you all! See you soon
Elder DeFreese

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