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January 28, 2013
Hello everyone! It's a great day in Missouri, this weeks broadcast specially sponsored by Elder DeFreese!
So this weeks e-mail title is Inconceivable, this was brought about by my wonderful Uncle Chris. It's a pretty popular line from the movie Princess Bride, i'm sure you all remember. Love it! So remember folks, in the coming week, think of a line YOU would like to see at the top, it just might be there! Anyways, I suppose we'll get along with the weeks events eh?
Well... first off actually I just want to say CONGRATS to Breanne and Andrew! I saw one picture of little Kohler, what a cutie pie! You guys are gonna make great parents, I know it! Love you!
This week has actually been SUPER busy. We found 11 new investigators, 5 from one family, 4 from another family, and 2 from a couple. So let's go down the list eh?
The first family is way cool! They are hispanic, but they speak English so i'm ok there! But we met them at their house, 2 of them were outside doing yard work. So naturally we asked if they needed help. Being polite, they said no, but thank you. So we talked about church/religion a little bit and they seemed pretty interested. The lady (Angelica) looked at her 17 yr. old brother (Gabino) and said, I'll go to church if Jocelyn goes! And he agreed, so we went to talk to her, gave her a pamphlet and some scriptures to read and everything, and she agreed that if her mom went, she would go too! So, as we were leaving, feeling pretty good. We decided to ask if they needed help with the yard work, it still wasnt done, and they said no. So of course we said, ah it's alright! We'll do it anyways! So we started working with them and helping them out, and we ended up staying from 4 to around 6 or 7 doing the work. It was a BIG project. Plus we needed a bunch of service hours, so it worked out great. Then as we were about to leave, they asked if we could stay for dinner! We didn't have one for the night, so we said sure why not! As we were eating, we had a chance to meet Angelicas 2 other children, the 10 year old (we call her monkey, because she was climbing trees all day) and the 8 year old (edgar) and they are super sweet! Anyways, while eating we talked to them a lot about our church, and how they should come to sacrament meeting. And they came! Well, Gabino, Jocelyn, and Angelica did. The other 2 had to stay home. But they came to church! It was super awesome! We are going to be meeting with them real soon too, so i'll let you know more about that later.
The other family... doesn't seem too promising. But we're not gonna give up! They are super un-interested. I didn't even get to formally meet them, but all i know is that the husband is an ex marine. And they just didn't seem interested. But we got a return appointment! Elder McBride was teaching them while me and our team up were talking to another person. So that's why I don't know much. But they seemed like nice people and I hope we can see them progress in the gospel.
And then the other 2.... these ones i'm a little worried about. To put it simply, there are 2 kids in this family, and 2 mothers. So we didn't really talk about that problem quite yet... it's kind of a touchy subject. But they seemed real interested in learning more about the gospel and we gave them a Book of Mormon, and a restoration pamphlet. So I hope we can see them again, and help them find the truth.
So that pretty much catches you up on me! How is everyone else doing? I really want to know! As long as I know how you guys are doing, I find that I can focus better, so really when you write me? You're helping me do missionary work! Because I figure, ok, they're doing good, no worries! Let's get to work! :)
So, I really hope you guys back home are still taking my challenge seriously. I haven't heard much from it. But just a reminder, invite people to church! We ALL know someone, at least one person, who needs this gospel in their lives... and Bear Testimony! Let me know how it goes! Next week is Fast Sunday, I hope to hear some good stories about how you bore testimony! I promise that these two things alone, can help you build SUCH a deeper love and understanding of this Gospel, and of Jesus Christ. I love this work, and I want all of you to know that. Talk to you soon!
Elder DeFreese

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