Monday, January 14, 2013

Holy Moses!

January 14, 2013
I know, i've used it before. I think i've run out of titles to put! So for the next e-mail, let's hear from our readers! What do you want to see in that title bar? Don't forget to vote, your entry could be up there!
Anyways, another Monday! First I have some bad news, next week being M L K day, the Libraries are going to be closed. So that means i'll have to e-mail at some point during the week, probably Wednesday.
I'm getting real excited to hear about Breanne and the new baby! I'm betting he'll be here this week right? That's awesome, she's gonna be a great momma, and Drew will be a great dad for sure! Make sure to send me pictures or e-mail them or whatever k? Cool.
So this week has been REALLY slow. So it's gonna be a short e-mail. Sorry about that guys, most people just hadn't been prepared to hear about the gospel this week ok? Haha, but this week we'll get out there and get em!
Anyways, let me tell you about the teaching appointments that DIDN'T fall through ok? First, we had Jeff Mark. That went really well, he has some deep doctrinal questions, so we're studying up on that stuff, but it's hard. He has a real problem with the prophet Brigham Young, and polygamy. Those are his biggest concerns. But our fellowshipper Sis. Beck has a book on Brigham Young and she says it's really good, so hopefully that helps. She's a great fellowshipper to him.
Also, Jessica, ALL this past week has been unable to meet with us. But we're not giving up! I think she'll be coming to the visitor's center with us tonight, so that's good. But she doesn't really have a lot of questions or concerns yet, which kind of worries me. I think there may be something REALLY bothering her, but she won't say. Hopefully she can open up soon so that we can help her.
And we met a nice young man (about... 25) who's name is Mark. He's really cool, we only taught him once, and that was on the street in the pouring rain! Haha, but we taught him the restoration right there, while he was waiting for the bus. And he accepted a pamphlet, and a Book of Mormon, and committed to read and pray about it! And we are going to be seeing him again real soon, so that's awesome.
Other than that though, we didn't really get any other teaching appointments. It has definitely been the slowest week of my mission so far. But not to worry! We have some promising investigators and we'll be workin' em like no other! Haha, it'll be great.
Hmmm.... OH! Let's play a little game, shall we? Me and Elder McBride have gone car tracting a little bit. Whoever can guess what exactly I mean by car tracting, will get a personal e-mail about it, in full detail! And the general e-mail will be a general description of it. Sound like fun? Ok cool!
OH! How could I forget the best thing that happened all week?! I finally finished the Book of Mormon all the way through! Haha, it took me forever since i've been trying to memorize my lessons and everything, but I did it! I have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, it's so amazing. I love it! Anyways, I thought everyone would like to know that. So my challenge for you all this coming year or several months or WHATEVER. Is to read the Book of Mormon again! I don't care if you've never read it, or you've read it 100 times, do it again! Set a goal to finish by the end of the year, or the end of the spring, whatever, and DO IT. I can promise you ALL the Lord will bless you for it. I love you all and I hope to hear from you REAL soon! Ok? I only got 1 letter last week, from a fellow missionary! But it's all good, I'm sure I'll get something from you guys soon.... right?
Elder DeFreese
Does it make me sound really trunky that I ask for letters so much? Because really I am perfectly fine. I just like to hear from everyone!

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