Monday, January 19, 2015

Greetings from Syria, and Jordan!

January 19, 2015

Hey everyone! So, the title of this e-mail is a little funky, right?

And as a preface, I would have to say that I'm sorry I don't have any pictures as evidence.

But, this week has been awesome!

We have been knocking doors like crazy, and we met a total of 9 different Muslim people from all over the world! (They're going to the local college here)

So I suppose I'll tell you first about Mohammed, he's a friend of one of the members here, and he's getting a double major here at the college! Super smart guy, really nice, loves to learn. Anyways, we took him on a Church Tour and talked all about the Plan of Salvation, the Restoration, and a few other things, it was really cool to see him just soak it all up. (Oh yeah, and he came to church with us too, no big deal)

Next, we met a big group of guys from Jordan (I can't honestly remember how to pronounce all of their names, let alone spell them... but there was at least 8 of them). And they were all super excited to see us and learn about what we believe. We ended up staying so long answering questions and stuff that they invited us to eat with them! We were so happy because we hadn't been getting fed very well recently, and we were about to go home and eat something super cheap and not healthy for us. However, I didn't know that when it comes to eating with these guys, they have a lot of customs and stuff, aaaaaaaand it took about 2 hours to cook the meal. So in total we spent a good 4 or 5 hours there. It was great though, we loved it! Chicken and rice, nothing better!

THEN, the next day, a totally different apartment complex, we met another group of guys, 4 this time, and they were all from Syria. They were just as enthusiastic and excited to learn and such. Well, they had a ton of questions and stuff, and we ended up staying long enough for them to also invite us to dinner! (because our original appointment cancelled while we were there, and they overheard the conversation). So they graciously offered to feed us as well! It was sooo neat, I loved it! Chicken and rice as well this time, but seasoned differently. It was really good, I loved it!

So anyways, this week has been really cool, getting to meat so many different people, and learning the culture of some of them as well, I love people! They're the best!

Love you all so much, talk to you next week!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. Did you invite someone to church this past week? How did it go? This week, try setting a dead-line for when you will have invited someone. Then, promise Heavenly Father that you'll do it, as you put your Faith and trust in Him, He will either lead you to someone, or someone to you. I promise!

1. This is a drink that they gave us (I had like, 3)..

I think it's Guava, can't remember for sure.

2. I think it tastes good :)

3. Another weird cookie thing they gave us, it was OK. Haha

4. Since you're all dying to know, this is what I look like right this very minute!

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