Monday, September 29, 2014


September 29, 2014
Hello all! 

So I'm really sorry for not writing the past couple weeks, things have been ridiculously busy, and things continue to be just as busy. So I'm trying to repent and write you something real quick, even though I've got like 2 seconds or something.

I'll just tell you a quick story that occurred just a few days ago.

So we were heading back from a meeting and a set of Elders had asked us to take them something, but they had an appointment with an investigator reeeaaally soon. So, with Elder Turner occupying the Passenger seat, I take the wheel. Racing along trying to help the Elders get to their appointment, while also getting them their long awaited item, I got pulled over!!!!!!!!!!!! The cop asked me for my license and everything, which was in my backpack in the back seat. So I got out and got it. While I was getting it, he asked me why we weren't out on the bikes, so, like a boss, I recounted my story of going home for surgery! Long story short, the cop let me off with a warning!

So sorry for the quick message, I love you all, please remember to invite someone to come to church this week. I know the Lord will help you!

Love ya!

Elder DeFreese

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