Monday, August 11, 2014

Here we go!

August 11, 2014
So... it's been another stinkin' week! (I don't say that negatively, just like... holy crap it's been another week??!?!? That type of thing...)

First I gotta get a quick shout out to a few people, first to my little brother Braden (A. K. A. Elder DeFreese the younger) he's on his way to the mission field now!!! Super stoked for him, he's gonna be a bomb missionary, what a stud muffin! Love ya brotha!!! 
Next shout out goes to my best pal Hunter Nelson! He's home!!!!! This guy is just the coolest, so proud of him. Aaaand since this is a shout out.... I gotta tell ya to not get married for at least 6 months, K? I have to approve dangit!!!!!!!! 


This past week has been pretty crazy! Starting off with Monday, we went on exchanges right after P-Day with the Arkansas City Elders, Elder Nicholes and MacArthur. I went to Ark with Elder Nicholes, and Elder Turner stayed here. 
On this particular exchange I learned really only 1 big thing. And that is how to keep your dang mouth shut when you have some stuff to say. On Tuesday we had a District Meeting, and Elder Nicholes was setting goals. The sisters in his district started to disagree with the goals that he set and they started to tear him down hard core. I got really really upset. I wanted to rebuke the crap out of them, and tell them to go home. Luckily, the spirit constrained me and I didn't say anything. Finally Elder Nicholes turned to me and asked me if I had any input and I lovingly rebuked the sisters. They now understand that he has been called of God, and dangit what he says ought to be what goes. So that's good. :)

Then on Wednesday we had MLC's, where we talked for a good while about all sorts of stuff! It was great, we met up with all the ZL's and STL's (Sister Training Leaders.... dunno if I've mentioned them). And talked about a lot of policies and different things we can do as a mission to improve. 

On Friday we had a Zone Training, where I trained on the Fundamentals. It's basically got 8 basic things that everyone should be doing all the time, you learn these things in the MTC, and the first 12 weeks of your training in the Mission Field. 
My training was focused on actually studying and becoming the Fundamentals. I likened it to Tim Duncan, who is Mr. Fundamentals in Basketball. To do so effectively, I played a bit of one on one with one of the members in the zone. It was great, got the point across, and I think the Zone is about to do some really great things, I'm excited!

So the biggest news is what happened on Friday after Zone Training. Some missionaries were having some problems within their companionship, so we had determined to talk with them after Zone Training. We were going on exchanges that day with another companionship though, so we decided that I would stay and Elder Turner could just go ahead and start working with his exchangee. 
We had a great talk, talked about planning, charity/love, getting lost in the work, etc. And it went fantastically! They were completely changed! Elder Riddle and I got back to our place afterwards, and right when we knelt to pray to start our exchange, these Elders called. The Elder on the other end immediately started yelling at me saying that his companion had run away!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAAAP!!!!!!! So we bolted for the car, got in and started heading their way. On the way I called the AP's, got them involved, and we started looking. He had run away starting on a railroad track. We walked for miles on that thing, and never saw him. We had started searching at about 3:30, eventually we got the entire zone involved, and then even the Police. FINALLY we were told that we had to go inside and get to bed. But the Police kept looking, and they found him at about 10:45 or so. He's doing fine, he had sort of a.... mental breakdown. Super sad. He's alright though, so we're all happy again!

That about catches you up though, and I gotta run! Love you all!!!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. Don't forget to invite someone to church today! Also, I would challenge each of you to hand out a Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside. Who should you give it to? Let the Holy Spirit guide :)

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