Monday, July 21, 2014

Holy Moses!!!!

July 21, 2014
Hi everyone! Let's get started! I don't have a whole lot of time left, so I'll make it as informative and quick as possible.

On Tuesday this past week we had Zone Conference! It was my first one as a Zone Leader and it was suuuuper stressful!!!! We had a lot of things to talk about and train on and we had to make sure that all of the District Leaders bought in to certain new policies and such, so that we can have unity within the Zone. But it went really well, we talked about Finding New Investigators though the Rescue. (Working with Less Active members of the church). I feel like it went really well, Elder Kempter and I have a great teaching pattern and it's always really spiritual.

So... yeah! On Thursday we had District Meetings! Elder Kempter and I split up again so we could go to 2 District Meetings, and they went really well! I enjoyed them thoroughly. Afterwards we went on exchanges!!! I went with one of our District Leaders, Elder Hughes, he's from Bountiful Utah! Super cool guy, we had a lot of fun! We found 4 or 5 new investigators, taught a few member present lessons, and really enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun. However, our exchange had to get cut off early, because of some dang Zone Leadering things that we had to do. But it was still good, we had fun!
On Friday we had another District Meeting! This one was with (technically) our district! So it was really nice, Elder Kempter and I both got to attend! Lots of fun, we always learn so much. 

On Saturday we had 2 Baptisms in the Zone! So cool! The first one was a Sister in the Harrison Park ward that the sister missionaries found and taught. But it was cool, because we still attended that one. The only scary thing was that a few hours before the Baptism, the sisters called and asked me to sing a solo for the musical number...! WHAT?!?!??? I said yes, and started praying my stupid heart out. But then those crazy sisters called back like an hour later and told me that they were kidding! I almost released them on the spot!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, like I can do that... but seriously! I was upset! 

Anyways, then the other baptism was supposed to start at 4:00, but the investigator was getting cold feet because her family was reeeeaaallly against it. BUT, after waiting for 2 hours, she showed up! Then, after waiting for another half hour or so, she was finally ready! It was really cool.

I think that about catches you up on this week.

The big news is that this week is transfer week, and I am staying here in the Derby Zone! Elder Kempter is going to open up the Andover Zone, which consists of the northern half of the current Derby Zone. So that's cool! I'm gonna miss him again. My new companion is Elder Turner, and I've never met this guy, so it'll be cool! 

Talk to you all soon! Love you so much!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. "Motivation is not a feeling, it's a decision" So my challenge to you is to motivate yourselves to invite at least 1 person to church this week. I know you can! Love ya!

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