Monday, July 14, 2014

Are you kdding me?!?!??

July 14, 2014
It's been a whole week already?!?!? What the crap!?!?!!

Man... time goes by way too stinkin' fast.

Anyways, so this past week has been pretty awesome! Let's walk through it just a bit.

Tuesday is District Meeting day, so Elder Kempter and I attended 2 different District Meetings. (We split up, and each of us takes a meeting because they start at the same time... but we always have a companion)
Anyways, after District Meeting we went on exchanges! I stayed in our area with Elder McGiven! He's a super cool kid from Arizona, and we had a blast! At first I got lost, because we only have a couple hours a week to really work in our area. But that's OK, I finally got my bearings and figured out what the crap I ought to do. So it was good!

Then on Wednesday we exchanged back, did lots of zone stuff, and then we had dinner with the Bourms! It was some really delicious chicken with bacon and honey mustard, super good. BUT, they were playing Christmas music all day!!!!!!! If any of you know me, you know that I only listen to Christmas music AFTER Thanksgiving! So it was physically painful. But it was good :)

Thursday was fairly uneventful except for one thing, Takra. Elder Kempter and I have this ghetto called Oaklawn, in it are lots of Laotians. They play a game called Takra. It's kind of like volleyball, 3 hits per side, except it's all done with your feet and heat, etc. Kind of like soccer. The net is like 4 feet high. So Elder Kempter and I are really good because we're so tall, so they'll set us up to spike it with our heads! Hahaha, it's a ton of fun! And we're teaching a few of the guys there, I don't have their names down though. But that's ok!

On Saturday we had a meal at Sister Ellis' home with the Sister missionaries in our ward as well. It wouldn't have been so bad if we could have gotten over the fact that there were roaches all over the walls. BUT! We had lots of fun, and it was actually a really good meal, just gotta get over the fact that it might not be clean. But none of us got sick! So it was real good :) Gotta love those missionary memories! Haha!

On Sunday, we had one of our super solid investigators, Jason, try to drop us. Well we didn't let him! He had just broken up with his Girlfriend (she's his tie to the church) and so he was trying to get rid of all memories associated with her. But we told him that he was being silly. We walked him through everything, and he still wants to be baptized. The only sucky thing is that now he's single and he needs to be going to the singles branch here. So we don't really get to teach him anymore. But that's OK, he's still super solid and he will be baptized!!!! 

But that about catches you up on what's happening here! I gotta run!

Love you all so much, keep inviting your friends and family to come to church eh? And if it's not too much trouble, help them read the Book of Mormon and pray alright? K. Sounds good :)

Love ya!

Elder DeFreese

1. E. Kempter! Haha
2. The zone attempting a zone picture... :)
3. E. Kempter again!
4. Should I?.....


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