Monday, June 30, 2014


June 30, 2014
I got emergency transferred! 

So I gotta get through lots of crap. But I only have like 10 minutes or so. 

Things were going really great this past week, Elder Goodsell and I were working really hard together and getting a lot accomplished. Until President Bell called just as we were entering into an appointment. I took the call and President said, "Elder DeFreese! Are you earning your wages as a servant of the Lord?" ..... "Uhh.... yes?" I replied. He says, "Have you baptized anyone?" sort of questioning I reply, "Yeah we had a baptism just this past weekend... why?" Then the hammer dropped. "Oh! Well in that case, the Lord has called you to come back to Derby zone and be a Zone Leader." 
Aaaaand I won't tell you the rest of the conversation. But to put it simply, I was pretty upset. Just got into this area, having tons of fun, working hard and seeing lots of success... and then I have all these responsibilities!  Sigh... so I accepted the call.

Good news is that I'm with Elder Kempter now! He's training me to be a Zone Leader, so it's really cool and real weird at the same time. But we're getting along as if we'd never stopped being comps the first time, it's going really well. 

I'm learning a lot and the Lord is reeeaaaalllly showing me my weaknesses. I don't know if I've ever been so humbled so quickly. BUT. I do know that the Lord will soon strengthen me so that these weaknesses may be strengths.

Buuut, that about does it really. I don't know what else to say. More next week? 

Love you all! Do missionary work, because it's the best!

Elder DeFreese

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