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June 16, 2014
HOLY MOSES!!!!! This past week has been absolutely crazy!!!!!!

So to start, I'm now in Manhattan Kansas, where K-State (home of the wild cats) is! But we'll talk about that in a minute. Lots to cover today and not too much time.

First off, one of the Zone Leaders here is Elder Johsnon! The same one who came into the mission field with me! So we've been having lots of fun reminiscing about the good old MTC days! Also, my companion is Elder Goodsell, he's from Rexburg Idaho! He's like 4 inches taller than me or something, it's awesome! I feel so small! Haha, but we are having a lot of fun, we watched a lot of the same tv shows, movies, some of the same video games. We don't really have sports in common at all though, he used to do cross country, and that's about it. But it's cool, at least he likes to be active! We work together really well too, we're able to have fun while we're out working, and things are just going really great out here!

One big thing to talk about as well, is that we are having a baptism this week! Her name is Sabrina, apparently Elder Goodsell and his previous companion found them when they came to a dinner appointment early, and decided to knock some doors before they went to dinner. They found Sabrina! SUPER solid, she is coming to church, and living all of the commandments right away! She is married and has a couple kids, and her husband should be getting baptized in the next week or two. Really excited about that! 

So another couple things to update you on why I love the crap out of this place, 1 big reason is that I have a QUEEN SIZE BED!!!!!! Whaaaaa?!? I'm so stinkin' happy! It's great, I'm loving it! Also, I found a suit here that fits me perfectly! (Pictures will be sent in the next few minutes) I was just roaming around the apartment and found this closet full of stuff! Another thing that I found was a coat that fits really well too! (This is significant because my coat was stolen out of the church in Wichita a few months ago)

ANOTHER reason why I love this place is..... TACO JOHNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just got it like 2 weeks ago, and it's in our area! (OK it's like, a block outside of our ward boundaries, but I have permission to go when I want, because I'm that cool) Hahaha, but I'm super happy about that, I haven't had a Taco Johns close by since I was in Concordia, so it's been a loooooooooong time! Actually, on Transfer day we had to run some errands for the other missionaries and didn't end up getting to the apartment until like 7 ish, so on the way we stopped at Taco Johns! Super happy about that, it was the best, like always!

OK, Last thing. SUPER cool! On Friday we were out tracting and we ended up knocking on the door of the Quarterback for K-State! Pretty cool! We talked to him a bit, shared a brief message about the Restoration, and gave him a Book of Mormon! The only problem is that he's really busy with school and football, so we weren't able to get a return appointment, but he was super nice and we'll definitely be seeing him again! 

But that about updates you all, please write me letters! Haven't gotten any letters in a while...

Love you!

Elder DeFreese

P.S. When was the last time you invited someone to church? Think about it..... then think, "Should I invite someone else as well?" Answer: YES! Always!
Please invite someone to church this week, if you haven't seen the "Because of Him" video, watch it. Search that on and then share it with others. Share your testimony, then invite them to church. The impression that you leave on your friends and family will last FOREVER. Make sure it's a good one.
1. Taco Johns!!!!!
2. Elder Goodsell and I!
3. The Favres before I left :(
4. Sister Deeba Kimmel, awesome lady!


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