Monday, June 9, 2014

The Dream Team!!!!!

June 9, 2014
So this past week was ridiculously hectic and crazy!

First off, on Tuesday we had an appointment with 2 new investigators, Anthony and Barbara (who they call Barbie....) and taught them half of the Restoration. It went great! He is concerned whenever he hears a church say that they are the only true church, so we explained to him that while we do claim that, we do not put any other churches down, for there is truth everywhere! We obviously went into more detail than that, and helped him to understand, but I don't want to explain it all again, so I won't.
Then on Wednesday we were out working hard all day, biking like crazy, talking to everyone about Jesus..... and we finally decided to go get dinner at Subway. While we were there, 2 crazy things happened: First - Elder Dickson's bike almost got stolen, but the guy who was going to steal it just felt that it was wrong and walked away saying, "Nah, I can't do it" (we found out because a little black kid came running in and told us) And second - Elder Kempter (our ZL) gave us a call and told us that his companion was getting transferred and he would be with us for the remainder of the transfer!!!!!! Whaaaaat?!?!?!
So we had to bike over to our members home, get a ride real quick over to the church, and pick him up!
To add to the craziness, I had already planned an exchange for the next day! So, I went with Elder Stum to his area, and Elder Knight went with Elder Dickson and Elder Kempter to work in 2 areas! It was craaaaaazy! But we all got some good work done, and had fun doing it!
So this past week has been awesome, Elder Kempter and I work really well together, and we have a lot of fun while still working hard. It's the bomb.
Funny experience from Sunday, I'm just hangin' out after the Sacrament, and Bishop gets up and says, "So we don't really have a program today... so I'm going to ask Elder DeFreese to get up and share a message with us"  uhhhhhhhhh....... what? Hahahaha, I joked a bit with him on the way up, got everyone laughing, and then when I got up there I shared some thoughts about Eternal Families and missionary work. I don't know how it went really, but I did manage to take up about 10 minutes! So that was good, right? Haha, it was fun though, I love talking about the gospel.
And now, we've got some more big news! I'm being transferred out to Manhattan, Kansas! I'm going to be a DL there, and serve with a missionary I've never met! My Zone Leaders are going to be Elder Johnson (Went to the MTC at the same time) and Elder Holbrook (Super awesome missionary) So I'm really excited for this transfer and super sad as well, I love/loved Harrison Park. And I'm going to miss the crap out of these people!
But that about catches you up! Love you all! Talk to you soon!
Elder DeFreese
1. My District
2. Elder Stum and I
3. It's a top hat!


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