Monday, August 12, 2013

And it came to pass...

August 12, 2013

This subject line is probably the most self explanatory of them all. It's scripturally based. And if any of you didn't know that then... I suppose you're still a son/daughter of God, but you should study your scriptures more. K? Seeing how it's a commandment and everything... anyways.
This past week has been very tiring, frustrating, and rewarding. In that order.
So let's go in order shall we?!
Tiring: This past week I have had several Physical Therapy appointments to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Each appointment lasts between an 1 hour, and 1 1/2 hours. In that time we do a ton of different exercises that push me to my limits, until finally he says, "alright that's it!" After these appointments, I am so sore that I literally can't go out afterwards. The day after, when the soreness really hits, we have been getting out and working just a little bit more each day. It's been really hard. It's also tiring because, since we've been stuck inside for a while, we have done a LOT of organizing, LOTS of cleaning, and we have even organized/cleaned the area books of the other missionaries in our ward. Super tiring because it's busy work. But it is work, and I am grateful that we were able to get it done, because it was sorely needed. And now we're really tired of doing those things, but we had a bunch of fun too! 

Frustrating: This past week was frustrating for me mainly because of the whole knee situation. I got a call from the doctors office Friday morning. The test results had came back from the MRI, and apparently they couldn't see any abnormalities at all. Nothing wrong. No reason at all for my pain. So this has put me in a complete tailspin, to be quite frank. I have no idea what's going on now, whether it's all in my head, or the tests are just wrong, whatever. Don't know. It's very frustrating. Another reason why this week was frustrating, is that one of our investigators, Kim, does not want to be baptized. We have explained to her why we need to be baptized, and why it needs to be done by the proper authority, and all of these things, that should have helped her. We felt the spirit strongly when teaching her, and yet she still refuses to accept the truth. This is the most frustrating thing that has happened this week, it's very sad when you know you have done all you can, and yet the person you are trying to help, won't accept it. 

However, her boyfriend, Jesus, is very willing and very open to the church, he has accepted Baptism, not a set date yet, but he knows that he needs to be Baptized. He is doing very well reading his scriptures, and doing what he can to come closer to Christ, hopefully as this goes on he can help Kim to see the truthfulness of it as well.

Rewarding: This past week was rewarding because of Zone Conference! We went down to Dodge City, where 2 Zones met, and we had a great conference, and learned a lot about working with members, and teaching them. It was awesome! Also, after Zone Conference, I went on exchanges with some of the members in the District, Elders Arend and Birch. I got to work with Elder Arend here in Garden City, while Elder Heppler went with Elder Birch to Scott City. Exchanges went great, and I learned a lot from Elder Arend, he's an awesome missionary, and he'll make a great Leader in the mission sometime very soon, I'm sure.

Anyways, I think that about sums up the week! 
Hope to hear from all of you soon, and don't forget the challenges!
Invite someone to church this week, the Lord will help!
Bear Testimony! It helps yours grow just as well as others!

And read your scriptures OK? 
And... make some brownies. :)
Love you all!
Elder DeFreese

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