Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Hey Mom!
This letter is to everybody, but I'm going to be writing it, as if I'm writing my Mother. You wanna know why!? Well, mainly because my Mom is the best Mom ever! Even when I was a teenager, I wanted my Mom to come with me anytime and anywhere. Why? CAUSE SHE'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Mom this week has been CRAZY! We went all the way to Salina for our Zone Training meeting, and that went fairly well. Elder Kempter passed off one of his lessons, which was sweet! He's working very hard. I saw Sister Stobbe at the meeting as well, she came out with me from the MTC, so it was good to catch up and everything. And I saw Elder Moyle! He's my "brother" in the mission, Elder Hayes trained us both.
After Zone Training, we went on exchanges! Mom I went all the way to Great Bend! It was weird! Haha, but it was fun! I went with Elder Maki, he's from Samoa, and our exchanges actually lasted for like 3 days!!!!!! The Great Bend Elders had a bunch of different appointments that they didn't really account for, so with the ride situations and everything it just worked out best that way. But we did a lot of great work, and we had fun doing it too!
OH! Mom, check this out! We saw a freakin' turtle on the side of the road!!!!!!! It was crazy! We stopped and took pictures and stuff, it was a snapping turtle too! We were going to pick it up and put it in the back of the members truck (this was on the way back from Great Bend) but neither of us really wanted to pick up a snapping turtle. But it was cool :)
Mother dearest, I feel all too strongly that I need to tell you.... I love you :)
*ahem* Anyways, we had a baptism just yesterday! Diane, and Henri. They were both baptized and confirmed, and it was such a great experience. They both went under on the first try! Elder Kempter baptized Henri, while Brother Gile baptized Diane. Then I confirmed Henri, and Pres. Hansen (Bishop) confirmed Diane. It went very smoothly, and I felt the spirit SO strong. it was very cool, I can't wait for next week! Michael and Gary are going to be baptized as well! It's going to be so sweet, I'm very happy and excited for all of them!
That actually about does it Mom, sorry it wasn't too productive of a week for ya, I wish I had more cool stories to share.
Mom I know you're doing the challenges that I give to you, but keep it up! Keep reading those scriptures, Keep inviting others to church, and always bear testimony as you do so. The Lord WILL bless you, I can guarantee it. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise you that you will feel the spirit more fully in your life, and that you will be happier, more full of energy, and you will have power over all temptations that may arise.
I love you Mom, more than I can say.
Elder DeFreese
P.S. Write me soon.......... K?
1. Home made mac and cheese!
2. Do you smell... photo bomb!?
3. CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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